Every time we have made a service change with Verizon or Fios, the router/gateway has aways beeen at no charge and no monthly charge however, the cost for ISP service is as most others have said, expensive and having the least amount of value per mega bit. We pay $87.99 monthly for 50/50 mbps and got a price increase of $7.00 without any advance notice. Calling them resulted in removing the cost increase for a year to keep us satisfied after telling them "internet isn't getting more costly, it's getting cheaper to offer and more competitive". By the way,you can get the upload speeds changed the same day by visiting your Verizon account, logging in and signing up for some b.s. points/rewards gimmick they have. I did and instantly, my 50/35 mbps changed to 50/50 mbps and according to speedtest.net, the line speed is 58/65 mbps. Not bad but by now we all have it figured out...the "free upload speed change" isn't free, it's $7 more for those who read between the lines at Verizon. Also, Netflix works much better.

Below, this was a most recent post elsewhere regarding the inner working of Fios/Verizon:

Have had Fios for about 2.5 years now. Initially had 15/5 speeds and now have 50/50 mbps speeds. Previously and continuously since Verizon began to offer ISP services in 1998 or so, I have always had Verizon as my ISP. Since the days of dial up, DSL and now Fios, I have never switched to any other ISP so it's now been about 16 years that I have had continuous ISP service with them. That being said, I have no complaints about their internet network and the speeds I am to receive and up until about 2 years ago, received the same with their verizon.net POP/SMTP email. Over the years of increasing speed packages, internet and email speeds had always been the same reliable speed. When I had DSL 1.5, internet and email downloaded at 1.5 and when I had 3.0 and 7.1 speeds, email and internet speeds were equally the same speed. Then, Fios came and with 15.0/5.0 mbps, internet was actually 16.5 mbps down and 6.0 mbps upload as was their email service. I have used outlook express and windows live mail consistently and had the above performance which I have to say was wonderful because their email and internet performed at the "pipe" speed I had with them.

Now comes an outage, in September 2012, labor day weekend, both internet and email went down. I called and confirmed the outage was on their end and was told the internet will be restored that day and email would be restored the next day and the outage was the entire country, USA. Internet was restored about 6 hours later and the next day email was restored but...email would perform any faster than 200 mbps to 1.0 mbps. Since that time, their pop/smtp email system hasn't been the same and even to this day, they say, "email and internet speeds are not going to work the same as the other".

So, you pay extra for a faster speed package but they won't support the speed update with their email service. Why? No one can say but several of the customer service numb heads say "email is a bundled service and not supported in any way" while the majority of the CSR's suggest both should work the same speed and both are supported.

As of this day, Oct 11, 2014, I have 50/50 mbps Fios and their email will not perform at the rated line speeds. The fastest download speed is around 10 mbps while outgoing will leave at around 25 mbps. Not sure that's really what they are trying to sell their customers but that is what they are giving them. So, if you think you are going to use their email service and get blazing fast email also, you will be mistaken and of course, mislead that will happen.

I switched over to gmail using pop/smtp with windows live mail software and the speeds are 50 down and 50 up...most of the time. No problem with Gmail and get this, Gmail is free, has way better spam control and more consistent email but of course, if it fails to work etc., there's really no one to call and dictate to since there's no agreement or charge etc.

How Verizon can allow this to occur is beyond me. They have the ability to be better than any other freebie service out there yet don't and they charge for it.

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