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I have had phone service with Verizon for close to 30 years. The last two years I had been having static on my phone line.

I couldn't hear who I called and they couldn't hear me because the static was so loud. Tech would come out and move wires and the phone service was decent. If it rained heavy or was very windy the static would return. In May 2012 it got so bad that I kept calling Verizon to fix the problem.

At this point I was able to make calls but I couldn't receive them. Someone from Verizon would come and "temporarily" fix the problem. On July 25 a tech came out and left me without phone and internet service. I called Verizon and was told that they would send someone to fix the problem.

I work and I can't take days off because Verizon was incapable of fixing the problem so I would have phone service. After a week of delays by Verizon I decided to switch my phone and internet service. I received a Verizon bill as if I have had service for the month of July. I called and explained that I had been without phone and internet service for close to 14 days.

After all was said and done I was told the amount owed and I paid it that same day online. Then I receive a letter from a collection agency. I called Verizon and was told that when you terminate your service they separate your service and therefore you receive two bills - one for the phone service and one for the internet. I had a negative on my internet and a positive on the phone service.

Can't one cancel out the other. The negative amount was greater than the positive. No I was told I had to pay what I owed and they would issue me a refund. I told them no one cancels out the other and I am not sending Verizon money in hopes that they will issue me a refund.

Saturday morning my bell rings and it is Verizon arriving to repair my phone service. At that point I hadn't service with Verizon in over a month!! I called back Verizon and was told again to pay the bill and they would issue me a refund. I printed from Verizon website the bills that show the negative balance.

Verizon was either unwilling or incapable to fixing the problem I had and now want to double me for it. What absolute incompetence. Every time I called every rep had a explanation of why the bill was what it was. No one ever mentioned that when you terminate your service they separate the two and issue two different bills.

All I was told was to wait for FIOS and my problems would be solved. Don't think so!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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