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I have been complaining to Verizon since May 2011 about getting constantly dropped from my DSL internet. I have submitted numerous tickets and it still isn't fixed.

Well I recently found out why. Because the 'hub" in State College PA, which provides my internet service, doesn't have enough servers because Verizon keeps extending their service into outlying areas but refuses to get more servers to provide service to these areas. There are people who apparently man these servers and 'move customers around' on different servers all day long. On weekends the service REALLY sucks because no one is manning these servers.

Now...this is 2011... GET IT FIXED!! I cannot believe this and am outraged at the service provided. I pay you people 300-400$ every month for DSL, cell phones and landline and I am extremely annoyed at this service.

Don't tell me the funds aren't there. The trouble tickets aren't going to get fixed if you don't get more servers in this area. Don't be *** or lax in providing customers the service they pay for. I got dropped less when I had dial up!

It took Verizon probably 10 years to finally get new cell phone towers in my area.

I don't want to wait that long for you people to get up to date with the internet. GET WITH IT!

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I know exactly what you mean we have been complaining since about the same time and have got nowhere

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