Many people complainted about T-Mobile, AT&T, I was with AT&T for the past 2 years, honestly no big complaint besides the signal sucks sometimes. I decided to swtich to Verizon which turns out it is the most *** decision i have ever made in my lilfe.

Now I stuck here for another two years? No will say good-bye soon even I am going to lose couple hundred $$. Firstly, the service was AWEFUL. They have the most arrogant customer servcies.

We usually set up Auto payment, but Verizon didn't charge my credit card for the first month, there was no email alert, no message warning, then charge me $5 late fee. I called the customer service and he said "YES we clearly told you on the website, maybe you just didn't pay attention", in a very RUDE tongue, basically he is saying: "well, it's your fault". I asked him if he can take that $5 off, he said - "that's not going to happen".

I am leaving Verizon no matter what, I would take it like someone stole my wallet and I lost couple hundred $$ cash. Byebye Verizon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Website.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Richland, Washington, United States #588313

I've been with AT&T for as long as I've had a cell phone, and I have to say there has only been one time I got burned and it was MY BAD in the old days of roaming and I had traveled to the East Coast.

They give discounts to A WHOLE BUNCH of different companies, organizations and groups - and they are absolutely AWESOME when it comes to customer service! I mean it.

And it's been consistent, thru the Cellular phase and back again. My family had 3 iPhones and a regular phone with unlimited texting, and we were only paying a bit over $200 a month.

Granted - I've been with them forever, and do get 20% off the service - but I don't see myself changing anytime in the near future... I highly recommend them!


Where do we all sign up for Large Class Action Law Suits against these preditory corporations?

Take just a minute and write your State & Federal Representatives....

Enough is Enough! Do nothing, then don't complain... :x

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