I purchased a verizon ipad with mifi on november 13th, and have used it for @1 hour worth of internet and for 4 hours worth of netflix shows (1.5 hours out of the country in Toronto). Today, I got a text telling me that I have incurred over $500.00 in additional data and roaming charges.

I immediately called global customer service, and they confirmed that I had relatively minimal usage time-wise (4-5 hours, as reported) but told me that I had used over 30MBs (streaming?).

My first bill from this Verizon Ipad is officially costing me more than half of the cost of the actual Ipad. I am completely in shock and can't believe that Verizon would put out such a deceptive product. This is the "small print" that they don't warn you about. If you get an Ipad from Verizon, DON'T USE THE MIFI. The only way this product is worthwhile for the usage they show you in the commercials is if you have your own wifi.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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i have only used it for 2 days..Im turning it in..mifi efore i go broke..! am glad im only in my before 2 week period..this is a rip off..you barely use this..& you are out of your monthly data useage..


Me too! $150 in charges after six days.

Good grief! Class action?


I, too, purchased the Mifi under false pretenses. I had an aircard with unlimited data, the salesman tried to tell me that I had 5G, I said, no, I have unlimited.

He said, "well you've never gone over 5G so you will be fine" Why did I get the bill the next month and it was over $500??!! They gave me a $120 credit, and switched over to the $80 plan. Got the bill this month, they have a $120 charge on that mifi!! saying that it is "unbilled usage from previous months" when I switched the plans!

I called, and the very nice young lady that answered the phone said that all she was authorized to give me was a $30 credit.

Please be careful with this. We are in the process of shutting our lines down one per month until it cancels.


very, very misleading, and I hope that Verizon gets real, and starts listening to customers. Our bill is way over anything they ever said we would use. All of these lies at the salesman location, just another franchise, is to get your money in their pocket....every month.....until you get angry enough to pay the cancellation fee, and retire ever using verizon again...I'm going to AARP with this now.....


We have used the Verizon wifi for one month. Our first bill arrived with a $300 overage!

When we bought the device we told the salesperson about our typical usage and were told that we would have a hard time using up 5GB worth of data. This was obviously not the case! I called customer service and explained our situation and told them what the salesperson said. After an hour of negotiation, all they did was give us a $100 credit.

We had to switch to an $80 per month plan, from the $50 per month plan. I strongly encourage any potential customers to avoid this scam!!


I got the same shock with a separate Verizon mifi card which I use with a basic wi-fi iPad (no 3G built in).

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