Wilsonville, Alabama
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I had to wait until the 2 Yr contract was up before cancelling and switching over to ATT. Three months later, I go and sell my old Verizon phone on Craig's list and the buyer calls back a few hours later saying Verizon has reported the phone as stolen and won't turn on her service.

I call Verizon and they say the phone was reported as stolen... guess when it was reported stolen?? The last day of my 2yr contract!! Hmmm, quite a coincidence. The cust svc rep says that because the account has been closed, she cannot take my phone off the stolen list. The account would have to be reopened to do that!

It looks like someone at Verizon listed my phone as stolen the last day of my 2yr contract, effectively keeping me from selling my old phone. I'm going to try a supervisor tomorrow. I told the rep that the only one that could or should have reported the phone as stolen would be me, the owner, and that it has never been stolen and I am trying to sell it to a Verizon customer... who wishes to have the phone/service turned on.

The rep kept repeating she couldn't remove the stolen staus without reactivating my old account. Do you see the picture developing here? BEWARE of Verizon customer service!!! I heard some of the horror stories and now they are happening to me. Speak up people, don't take any *** any more from any one!

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that because they give you a discount on the phone cuz they know they can *** over monthly and make there money back so when u cancelled ur service thats what they do.


Same is happening to me...WOW

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