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I got a Verizon Mobile Hotspot for internet access. The guide and contract clearly said that I could try the service for up to 14 days, and that if I canceled within that 14-day time window I would not have to pay early termination fees, etc.

I activated my service late in the day on August 12, I believe after 5pm. Less than 14 days had passed before I went back to the Verizon store to cancel service in the morning of August 26. The customer service representative at the store believed, as I did, that because less than 14 days had passed, I was within the cancellation period.

However, a phone call to Verizon's centralized customer service revealed that they count the day of activation as one complete day. This means, of course, that if they said one day instead of 14, you'd have to cancel within mere hours, before the Verizon store closes that same day -- you wouldn't have anywhere near one day. When they say you have up to 14 days, they are lying. 14 days is 336 hours, but they do not allow you that amount of time.

I spoke on the phone with the customer service representative and he seemed to think that because their policy had always been to count 13+ days as a full 14, they were therefore right and I was wrong. I explained that their guide and contract state 14 days and nowhere explains what they truly mean and therefore it is unfair to punish me for interpreting their contract literally.

The guy was terribly rude to me, treating me like I'm an ***. But I'm not the ***; I know what a 14-day window of time is and Verizon doesn't. I also know that contracts should be written clearly, but I think Verizon likes to deceive people so they can get more money that way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Then they should say that. This is my point.

It is not enough to reveal what your contract means only when questioned.

It should be plain and clear from the get-go. There's also no excuse for the rudeness.


I feel for you, but the contract and the CS rep were correct. The 14 day policy goes from 12:01 am the day you purchase not the time of day you purchased the item.


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