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Who is going to find an attorney who could handle this?

I have to write 80 words to submit this?

I dont understand why there is not a website for people to join in on a lawsuit with all these stories? When I had them as a cell phone a decade ago overage charges off 100 plus happened every month, I eventually got out of my contract by using an address that did not get service. Now the "un-returned equipment scam) how do they get away with this. I want to see justice. This multi billion dollar, company scamming even more money out of everyone, in the most aggravating way. Messing with peoples credit, their ability to exist in out society for them to have another jet or something. WE MUST FIND AN ATTORNEY!!!!

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I just sued them & partially won.What these lying scumbags hide behind is their one-sided contracts which protect ONLY their rights.

What I was told is this. If you're absolutely sure you're right, AND you have the receipts and any & ALL e-mail, phone, postal mailing or any kind of correspondences whatsoever, look up or seek out lawyers who are cheaper but hungry.

You assess the fees you'll pay to them + court costs to Verizon.This has got to be stopped.

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