Went to the store in the Galleria Mall (York PA) to inquire about the Jetpack and after speaking with the manager was told that it would be perfect for what we needed. We didnt download music, movies, etc so it would be perfect for us.

Low and behold 14 days into the contract our bill was double AND the data usage plan needed to be "upgraded" because we were over the 4 and needed to go to 8. Are you kidding me? This is so not what the manager "Tim" said. We even went back into the store before we purchased the jetpack to make sure this would work for our needs.

So when I called Verizon customer service they informed me i needed to contact the store and once i contacted the store, they told me to get back with customer service. After a few days of trying to cancel and get the early termination fee eliminated they would not even budge. I can understand if we did not have internet through them before but we had Verizon dsl before the jetpack and were planning on going back to Verizon. Nope, they would not even hear it.

And the worst part is we have had two seperate couples go in after and inquire about the pack and they were told it was only to be used as "supplemental interent". Again not what the manager told us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $225.

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