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well my experiance with verizon was very unpleastant they offered me fios for 49.99mo for phone and internet I was happy with the price so I accepted the offer then when I called back the next day they could'nt give me that offer 'they said that offer no longer existed' so I was very pissed also the customer service is the worst I have ever experianced no one called me back for 2wks to help me with this situation,I recently recieved my bill and they put extra charges on my bill I went thru my bill with and added it all up and it did'nt add up to what the verizon is charging

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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Terrible internet with FIOS 'speeds' ... customer service is truly inept and very very hit or miss ....

2 hours on the phone and got NOWHERE with the slow internet problem. Changed my router to a airport extreme on my in-home ethernet and it helped the Macs in the house; PCs never had a problem with download ... I want Comcast back. It was a little slower but it was consistent, not the stop and start that I get from 'FIOS'.

I gave up talking to anyone because they are just too clueless. Will go back to comcast when contract expires!

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