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Verizon screwed up changes to my account. I dropped my Verizon cell phone hours before departing for Iraq.

Verizon did not charge me because I had orders & a letter. My daughter is in college & Verizon assured me her phone would still operate. My friend is living in my house & I have FIOS. Verizon 1st cut my access to on-line so I could not review the cell phone bill or pay it.

I started paying by logging onto my daughters account. I made complaints through my daughters account. No response. Then Verizon changed their "My Verizon" web site to combine cell & FIOS.

Now I can't see the FIOS bill or make a payment. I've been a customer for some 20 years. I lost count how many times they screw up bills and customer service. Verizon is the worst & now I have to spend my time in Iraq trying to correct their mess.

If it wasn't for my daughter or friend, Verizon could jump in a lake.

Verizon is in breach of contract by cutting me off of bill review & payment. Yet, they don't respond.

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VERIZON IS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH IN MY 20+ YEARS AS A WORKING ADULT. We have a new office and are being FORCED to order service through Verizon.

Not only did we have to wait 2 WEEKS for service, but I waited for 9 HOURS today and NO ONE EVER SHOWED UP TO INSTALL PHONES & INTERNET. I can't get anyone on the phone in their "Customer Service" department, which is a complete joke. I can't get anyone to respond on their FB page, nor their FB messenger. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET SERVICE??



My Verizon experience was equally horrible. I had "on again/off again" static on my line for three months.

The Verizon repair people at 611 initially said I should purchase a new phone even though I tested my phone at a neighbor's condo and there wasn't a problem. So I spent the $$$ and got another telephone figuring that Verizon knew what they were talking about. The problem persisted and I phoned again and they said the problem was an underground cable problem. The problem got worse.

Eventually the telephone went dead. I contacted Verizon again and they said a service call was necessary. A service call was made, some unnecessary repairs were made inside my condo unit but the problem reappeared a few hours after the repair person left. The next day another repair person came and said the problem was a Verizon issue.

The problem was finally fixed. It was a bad connection associated with the outside wiring. The repair person specifically said that I should be able to get an adjustment to my bill for the unnecessary repairs the day before. After being charged with the unneeded service call, I phoned 611 to get my adjustment and was transferred to customer service/billing.

I was disconnected by the Verizon billing people (apparently they too had trouble with their phones). I called a second time and was told that since I authorized the unneeded charges, I must pay. They also said that I could not speak to a supervisor about the problem and the person with whom I spoke could not transfer me to anyone else to even talk about the problem. He also said that I must have hung up on the first billing person I spoke with and that must have been the cause for the disconnect.

I normally pay my bill a couple of months in advance and for some months carry a credit balance. I feel cheated but what can one do?

They have a monopoly and if I want a land line I am stuck with Verizon. I will pay the charge but I am surprised that Verizon would treat a good customer with such disdain.


ordering verizon internet has been the worst experience i have ever had with a company. They have by far provided the worst customer service i have ever experienced.

I have been lied to on several occasions and nothing they they have followed through on nothing they have promised. for all the problems we had with getting the service set up, i was promised my first month of service free. IT took 8 hours on the phone to convince them that my service wasn't working. It took a week to send out a tech to fix the problem.

well i just saw that they charged my credit card for not only the first month but also an additional $31.00 for something else i can't even figure out. the worst part is that they haven't even sent an actual bill before they charged my credit card! the website will not allow me to unenroll from the automatic payments due to a " technical error". really?!?

even if they could get the billing and customer service worked out, the actual internet service is HORRIBLE! it's so slow it barely works and service is interrupted constantly.

i went with verizon for internet because I though it had to be better than Comcast but I was terribly mistaken and i will be returning to comcast ASAP. i will never use verizon again in my life!

Marcianise, Campania, Italy #200520

Has your issue been resolved? Have you been able to pay your bill?

You can contact us @verizonsupport on Twitter and Verizon Fans of Fios on Facebook.

Thanks for your patience. ^JC


:( Our Verizon experience was horrible too. They screwed up the FIOS installation, damaged our lawn sprinkler, overcharged us, switched the wrong line, never called back, never showed up and on and on.

I would tell everyone to NEVER GET FIOS - they will make a mess of it all and then try and send you to collection when you refuse to pay the overcharge on the bill. we are suing them.

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