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here is a copy of the ludicrous 1.5 hr chat with verizon CS:

Verizon: Hi! How can I help you today?

You: i cant get into my account

Alla: By chatting with us, you grant us permission to review your

services during the chat to offer the best value. Refusing to chat

will not affect your current services. It is your right and our duty

to protect your account information. For quality, we may monitor

and/or review this chat.

You: this is a business account

Alla: Thank you for contacting Verizon FiOS Repair Support. My name is

Alla. May I have your name and telephone number ?

You: m

Alla: Thank you for providing the information.

Alla: Give me a moment to bring up the account and I would be more

than happy to assist you today.

Alla: I see that you are trying to login with the account. Am I correct ?

You: yes

Alla: May I have your preferred call back number in case Verizon needs

to follow up on this issue?

You: 8

Alla: In case the chat gets interrupted, would you be fine in

receiving a call at this hour on your preferred call back number to

continue troubleshooting?

You: for a bit yes

Alla: Just to know, what is the error you are getting when you try to

login with your account ?

You: 'It doesn't match our records. Please try another.'

Alla: Okay

Alla: Can you try another browser now ?

You: verizon is the worst website i have ever dealt with - no matter

what i try to look up i can never log in

Alla: Okay

Alla: Please do not worry!!

You: again, this is a business landline.

You: thx

Alla: I will go ahead and help you with the User name and password to

login with the account now

You: ok

You: i dont have a lot of time

Alla: One minute, I am trying to access the account from my end to

help you with the credentials .

Alla: In order to verify the account, may I know the complete name and

service address on the account now ?

You: r

Alla: Thank you.

Alla: I have check from my end and I am unable to access the account now

Alla: Please allow me a minute here

Alla: I will go ahead and connect you to the concern team who will

have the access to your account and help you further.

Alla: I will make a notes, before I connect you now

Alla: So that they will take 2-3 minutes of your time and help you further.

You: ok

Alla: Thank you.

Alla has left the chat

You are being transferred, please hold...

You are now chatting with LizaMarie

LizaMarie: Hey there! My name is LizaMarie. Happy to help!

You: please. i never seem to get anywhere

LizaMarie: My apologies if your chat has been transferred, but no

worries I'll take it from here.

LizaMarie: Allow me just to review your previous chat so I won't miss

on anything.

LizaMarie: Just to confirm, this is for your business accoutn right?

You: yes

LizaMarie: Thank you for the information.

LizaMarie: Don't you worry I'll get you intouch to the right

department to help you log into your Business account online.

LizaMarie has left the chat

You are being transferred, please hold...

You are now chatting with Sripathi

Sripathi: You've reached Verizon Repair Support. My name is Sripathi.

I see that the chat has been transferred to me and I will be glad to

help you.

You: what is going on that i cant get to the right dept? i just

need to be able to log in

You: this is the third transfer

Sripathi: I understand your situation, please give me few moments

while I am going through the conversation

Sripathi: I see that you are unable to login to Verizon account

Sripathi: Please confirm the name on account for validation

You: r

Sripathi: Thankyou!

Sripathi: I see an error message as "it doesnot match our records"

Sripathi: Please try in a new browser window

You: try what

You: what address

You: it doesnt make a difference! no matter what it still says the

same error message. is there anyone at verizon that knows the


You: it keeps saying It doesn't match our records. Please try

another." there is no other - i am trying to LOG IN

Sripathi: Please try login to different browser and check

You: i just told you i tried

Sripathi: I appreciate your efforts

Sripathi: I am checking with the my resource

Sripathi: Please allow me a minute or two

You: i dont think it will help. is there ever anyone that knows whats

going on? it's going on 25 mins

Sripathi: Please help me with the username that you are trying to

login so that I will check and help you with the correct one

You: b

Sripathi: Let me check with this

You: or m.. none are working

You: this is a business account

Sripathi: Yes, I see that this is a business account and I am checking with this

You: how much longer

Agent stopped typing

you: i am filing a complaint

next chat:

Verizon: Welcome back, you are being reconnected.

Macherla: Thank you for contacting Verizon FiOS Repair Support. My

name is Macherla. May I have your telephone number?

You: i have been on chat with 3 different agents and no one can help.

is there a supervisor there that has some knowledge? apparently no one

else does

Macherla: Sorry for the trouble, may I know the exact issue you are facing?

You: i cannot login and keep getting an error message it doesnt

recognize my email and i tried another browser. is there a supervisor i

can talk to

Macherla: Sorry for trouble, may I know issue you are facing the issue.

You: i already told you. i cannot login and keep getting an error

message it doesnt recognize my email and i tired another browser. is

there a supvisor i can talk to.

You: this is ridiculous..

Macherla has left the chat

You are being transferred, please hold...

You are now chatting with Bhim

Bhim: Thank you for contacting Verizon Chat support Supervisor Queue.

One moment while I go through the previous transcript.

Bhim: Hello

You: please review the transcript .. i cant believe NOONE can help

with a login issue

Bhim: I see that you have mentioned you had chatted with 3 agents. I

regret the inconvenience caused to you.

Bhim: I will do my best to help you.

Bhim: Please let me know the user name you are unable to login to and

the error message.

You: the last agent in another chat box referred me to 3 people and

then they just stopped typing

Bhim: b is the user name I got from the previous transcript.

You: yes. try it it wont work

You: i tried to re register and it wont work

Bhim: Please click on forgot password online at the sign-in options

then follow the instructions to reset the password

You: i already did and it wont recognize the email. why dont you give

me the link to sign in

Bhim: You can go to , select business then sign in

You: it says it cant find my name anywhere . this is ridiculous. cant

you get me logged in???


Bhim: From my end, I see that the email address b is

showing associated with a different address. Did you had services at a

different location earlier?

You: earlier when? i registered the business years ago with verizon

You: cant you just re register me

Bhim: Unfortunately, from my end, I do not see an option to safeguard

the account as the details are not exactly matching. So I request you

to contact our etech team for online profile issue. Etech Consumer

888.669.9901 866.326.7937 M-F: 7A - 10P CT

Sat-Sun: 7A - 4P CT Etech Consumer - Issues with such as

web orders, support pages, etc.

Bhim: They could help you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Verizon Cons: Cs exasperating - they do nothing but pass the buck.

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  • Verizon Customer Care
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