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I decided to switch to Verizon in February 2012 for my home phone and internet service when Comcast more than doubled my monthly rate. The first time I called I spoke to a lovely woman who was very nice and I was feeling very good about my decision. Little did I know the *** that Verizon was about to put me through for the next 3 weeks and that she would be the last friendly person I would talk to at Verizon.

I decided I wanted to keep my same phone number so the woman told me that I would need to wait 7 days for Comcast to release my phone number to Verizon. Then all I had to do was cancel my Comcast account and my phone line would automatically switch over to Verizon after I set up the new equipment I received in the mail from Verizon. So, as per her instructions, I called Comcast 7 days later and cancelled my account. I set up my equipment and lo and behold, I had no internet or phone service. I do not get cell phone service at my apartment so I decided to call the next day after work. During the work day I recieved multiple voicemails and emails from Verizon telling me that I needed to set up a service appointment. Then after work I would call Verizon and they would tell me that I didnt need to set up an appt, because it was all self-install. So I said great and went back home to try setting it up again and I still had no service. I went through this same routine for a few days to no avail. I repeatedly talked to rude or incompetent people who made no effort to show me that they appreciated my business. I called AGAIN and finally spoke with a seemingly competent guy who told me that, although the equipment was all self-install, I needed a tech to come to my apartment and activate my phone line first before I could self-install the equipment. So, happy to finally have this all done and over with I set up an appt for a few days later and rearranged my schedule with work to be home for the afternoon. The afternoon of the day before my appointment, I get an email from Verizon telling me that my account has been cancelled.

Very confused, I call Verizon to see what the email was all about and make sure someone was still coming to my apartment the next day to set me up. I was told that, even after nearly 2 weeks of dealing with Verizon (with no internet or phone service), they had absolutely no record of me in their system and so there was nothing they could do for me. After 2 hours of phone calls which nearly brought me to tears, I was told that my only options was to completely start from scratch and re-sign up for service. I was also told that my phone number was lost and I would need to get a new number. So, mentally exhausted and wanting to just get this over with I agreed to re-sign up, only to be told that the deal I had signed up for 3 weeks ago was no longer available. That was the last straw for me and I hung up after being told "thanks for choosing verizon!"

Needless to say, I switched back to Comcast and hope to never deal with Verizon again for the rest of my life.

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They cancelled your account? YIPPY!

Don't you get it? YOU DODGED A BULLET! You should count your lucky stars and thank god you didn't get mixed up in that company.

They did you a big big favor. You were sooo lucky.

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