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I have ordered a home phone service to be added to my Verizon double play. I requested a phone only for one month and to be cancelled anytime. For the fact the the service is short they charged me extra for the phone $45 per month. I assure there will be no penalty if I cancel at any time. I scheduled the day of connecting in 2 days. It was not done. I called them they asked me to do some trouble shutting, it did not fix the problem. I scheduled for the technician to come in the next day. 4 hour window. I received e mail confirming the appointment and I responded "yes" to it.

I received 2 SMS and phone call confirming the appointment. I was waiting together with my family. Nobody showed up.

I received the SMS that technician arrived and fixed my phone.

I was shocked. I called them and they said they have no sign of appointment made, When I asked for explanation of this odd situation they told me they have not explanation and could not guarantee it will not happen in the future. They just mentioned that perhaps I have 2 accounts. That has worried me. When I asked them to look into this deeper I was ignored. Only thing they could offer me is another appointment not at the time convenient for me and another 4 hour window of waiting around.

No apologies, nobody to take the responsibility. I asked to speak with the Supervisor was on hold forever and he could care less. He said the same thing. So I told him I do not want the service anymore. They had 3 occasions to connect it and it failed. The supervisor refused to take my cancellations and advised to call back another department. Ridiculous. They know how to make it as difficult as possible. The supervisor had scheduled another appointment for connecting the phone even though I clearly told him I do not want it. It gets worse. When I went online to another department to cancel the phone I was transferred between 5. agents. Finally one lady took cancellation and informed me that my bill will be now $30 more because I am canceling the phone. I told her they have no right to do this since I have a contract and she said she can't help me because this is what computer tells her to do. I told her I want to speak with the person that set up this computer to steal money from the customers like this and she said someone will call me in 2 days. That never happened. Verizon locked my online account after that.

How about that? This company has stolen money from me previously on my Cell Phone Bill. I am so upset I got into the contract with them again as I know they are bunch of liars, robbers and scammers. Please help. I have screen shots of those SMS. E mails. Names and screen shot of the chat when canceling.

I have spend over 6 hours to try to take care of this, plus 4 hour waiting. I want to get my price back for double play as I should and get compensated for my time wasted based on my regular rate. I want the letter of apology from the CEO. Also I want them to give me money they stole on my cell phone bill. Overall would be great if this company shut down as its one of the worst that I know. Even worse that mortgage lenders scamming people prior big market crash.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Bundle.

Reason of review: Poor Customer Service, Bad Quality, Delivery, Pricing, Lying, Not Listening, Teachnical Computer Issues, Customer Service People that speak like robots, lack of accountability, lack of taking responsibility, lack of making things right .

Preferred solution: Refund for the additional price, payment for my time wasted as my usual hourly rate. Total of $330. I have also complained with BBB.ORG and I am planning to go to court. .

Verizon Pros: Interent speed.

Verizon Cons: Bait-and-switch, Robot customer service, Laying, Poor communication.

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What do I do? I use to use 3.5 gigs then they said I needed 10. Now all the sudden I'm 5 over at 15.

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