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Three years ago I had debit card information stolen while I was out of town on a business trip. This information was used to open 15 fraudulent Verizon Internet accounts all to a Tennessee address. Verizon did not, and does not offer internet service anywhere in the state of Tennessee.

Three of these account numbers are:




I immediately noticed a series of $1 Verizon verification charges when I checked my back account online, which I do every day to verify charges. I immediately called Verizon to inform them of fraudulent activity, but was told they could do nothing about it without account numbers - the billing account was apparently useless to them. At the tie I was living in an apartment, planning to buy a house, and had my parents address as home of record. Three months later, a stack of overdue account notices to the tune of about $1500 started showing up at their house. And so began many many phone calls to Verizon to clear this up, and speaking to dozens and dozens of Verizon drones, constantly being transferred from one hapless *** to the next. Eventually they stopped calling.

Today I learn that they have been harassing my 78 year old father who has a heart condition. I now have a stack of letters about these fraudulent accounts addressed to him, and he has spoken to dozens and dozens of Verizon minions over the course of many many phone calls. The difference is that somehow they got HIS SSN and have charged the accounts to him. They are constantly harassing him.

The problem with speaking to "Customer Service Reps" is that none of them can pull up accounts in Tennessee because Verizon does not offer internet in Tennessee.

It would be intuitively obvious to most casual observer that 15 accounts created in one day with account numbers in consecutive numerical order in many cases in a state that service is not offered that something is going on. Not so with Verizon. They would rather harass a 78 year old man then deal with the problem. Would you really want to do business with an organization like that? "

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Verizon DOES offer internet services in Tennessee and has for years. I'm using it right now to type this.

It's satellite internet.

Other than that, good luck. Make sure you report this to the three credit bureaus as well.

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