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Once again, Verizon has demonstrated its lack of respect for its customers. Verizon has been barraging the airwaves with daily television advertisements about the Thunderbolt phone.

However, the phone is not available. An aggressive advertising campaign for a phone that is not available effectively makes that product nonexistent.

In order to prevent losing market share to AT&T and its available 4G phones, Verizon has been expending massive advertising funds on a constructively nonexistent phone. Perhaps it is time for the board of directors to replace the ineffective senior managers who cannot seem to manage timely introduction of competitive devices into the market.

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Actually, I did contact Verizon and was told that it was not available yet. I can't help it if Verizon gave me erroneous information and continually spews incorrect information to its customers about its availability.

It only reinforces the opinion that Verizon's upper management lacks effective leadership. Thanks to you, I contacted Verizon again was told that it is available but not in person at a Verizon store.


The Thunderbolt has been out since mid March. You have to get it through a corporate location or online, I don't think indirect locations (i.e.

agents, best buy, walmart) have it yet. Why don't you do some research before you spout ignorance.


Verizon’s CEO Daniel Mead has demonstrated that he is unwilling to treat Verizon’s customer base with respect and unable to manage the company in bringing a product to market.

Verizon is still making a major marketing push throughout the Verizon distribution network and airwaves by advertising a product that is not available on the market. Verizon advertises on television and in the in-store literature as if the Thunderbolt is here now.

It is not available anywhere and Daniel Mead’s organization not telling anyone when it will be available. Since Daniel Mead is unable to motivate his subordinates to effectively run the company in a way that is respectful of Verizon’s customer base and truthful in the marketing, the shareholders and board of directors would be well advised to provide Daniel Mead an opportunity to seek other employment opportunities and replace him with someone who can bring a shred of credibility to Verizon business model.

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