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Well here's an interesting situation. On Dec 13, I called Verizon to get high speed internet installed at hour home. The installation date was supposed to be the 23rd of Dec. On the 20th or so, our modem came via UPS.

I sit around ALL day long on the 23rd waiting for a tech, and finally at 4pm, I was able to get enough of a wireless signal to get online and chat with customer service. They inform me that my equipment is self install, and to just follow the directions in the book.

I get everything installed, and the internet is working absolutely great! Faster than our old connection with a local company. Streaming live sports with absolutely no problem.

Well, last night I get home, and my girlfriend and I decide to watch some TV online before we go to bed. Can't get on. I reset the modem, the wireless router, and restart the computer. Still can't get on.

This is when the nightmare begins.

Call Verizon tech support at 6:45PM, and am transferred immediately to the Philippians. Was put on hold. The guy comes back and tells me that he can't get a line test, because our line doesn't exist. Well... ok... maybe you guys disconnected us for not paying a bill. At this point, we haven't even received a bill, but stuff happens. Nope, that's not the problem!

So I'm on hold and chatting with the guy for about an hour and a half. Then I get disconnected. A couple of minutes later he calls me back. Apparently, the problem is that our install date is December 31st, 9999. Yes. I'm not making that up. He tells us there's nothing we can do now, and that I'd have to talk to the sales dept. I remind him that the sales dept is still open, since at this point it's only about 8:30. He connects me to sales, where I was once again promptly disconnected.

My girlfriend calls back, and again is on hold for what seemed like ever. She asks to speak to a supervisor, and is told no several times until the woman finally gives in. The supervisor transfers her over to billing, where someone realized the mistake, and was trying to fix it. We get disconnected again. At this point it's after 9PM. We call tech support back, and then we're told that our account has been disconnected, inactive, canceled, or suspended. All four explanations from four different people. We finally give up with them on the 5th or 6th time being disconnected. At this point it's 11:30PM.

I get up this morning around 9:30. I'm on the phone by 9:45. Since my cell phone is a NY area code, I had to be transferred to the PA office. When someone picks up, I ask immediately for the number to the PA office just in case I get disconnected again, so I can call back directly. There is no direct line. I'm waiting on hold while a representative is going through our notes for about 45 minutes. Then get disconnected again. I call back, get the NY office, and ask to be transferred to the PA office. The person who I was dealing with told me that they can't transfer me, and hangs up on me.

Calling back yet again, I explain the situation to the next person I speak with. They tell me that there's no reason that I should have to be put through to the PA office, that all of the information is available to any Verizon agent, and again puts me on hold. After waiting about 40 minutes, I'm disconnected. Does anybody else see a pattern here?

My girlfriend calls back, and is put on hold. She has to get ready for work, so I'm on the phone on hold for another half hour waiting. The woman transfers me to her supervisor. I explain the entire situation to him. He looks up our account info, and tells me that it's an easy fix, and he'd transfer me to the dept to fix it. I'm on hold for 53 minutes. Waiting for 53 minutes. And then... click. Disconnected.

Over the course of the next several phone calls, I'm told that the phone number associated with the account is really ours, isn't ours, or doesn't exist. Three different options from multiple different people, all looking at the same information. At this point, I'm asking where I can return the equipment, and who can I speak to to make sure that I'm not charged anything for an early termination, due to their screw up. On hold again. Disconnected again.

Call and speak with someone else in the NY office. After explaining everything and asking to speak with a supervisor, she informs me that I indeed have to deal with the PA office. I ask to be transferred to the PA office, and I'm transferred to the Philippians yet again to tech support.

Call back AGAIN. Get someone in Illinois now. He tells me that his computer is down so he can't tell me where to go to physically return the equipment. He recommends I Google Verizon locations. When I ask him how I'm supposed to do that without an internet connection, he just responds 'yeah... I don't know'... puts me on hold to put me through to someone who can help me. Disconnected again.

I call to a friend, and they tell me there's a Verizon place in Wilkes Barre. I get in the car, drive down there, and they tell me they are Verizon Wireless, and they can't take my stuff back. They can't get anybody on the phone to find out where I can send my stuff.

Basically, long story short, we had internet for 21 days that worked flawlessly. Through no fault of our own, it was disconnected. Nobody at Verizon has a clue as to what's going on, and nobody seems to care to try to help us out.

Talk about a frustrating experience! And to think, if this was MY fault, for not paying a bill or something, they would be harassing me on the phone every 10 minutes until the account was settled. All I know is that I'm going to the State Attorney General, the BBB, and anywhere else I can find to post this rant.

The customer service we've experienced with Verizon rates the lowest I've ever experienced.

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Dawson, Illinois, United States #236647

So, called back tonight and spoke to Lamar. Explained to him the entire situation. He informs me that since our account was 'pending for so long, it was disconnected'. Lamar... how was it 'pending' when I had perfectly functioning service?

He tells me that I have two options. That I can reorder, or call back tomorrow, speak with someone in billing and cancel.

Ok Lamar. If I reorder, you'll flip the switch and turn my internet back on? Nope... I'd have to have a tech come out. But Lamar, isn't our equipment self install? Yes. So why does a tech need to come out? To install the equipment.

You can't make this up.

I ask Lamar for an address to return the modem. He tells me he doesn't have that information, and that I'd have to call billing tomorrow to get a return label. But Lamar, I don't want a return label. I want an address to send the equipment back to, I don't want to spend another two hours on the phone tomorrow. 'Well sir, if you send the equipment back without a return label, you'll be charged'. For what? For returning the equipment.

Wow... so if I keep it, I'll be charged for it, and if I return it 'incorrectly' I'll be charged as well. That makes sense.

Ok Lamar, that's fine. I'll take the risk for being charged for returning the equipment. Give me an address.

Are you ready for this?

'Sir, I'm in the billing department, I don't have that information.'

Woah! Lamar, didn't you tell me to call back tomorrow and speak with the billing department to get my account canceled, and to get a return label? Now you're telling me that in fact, you are a billing department rep. So Lamar, why can't you send the label out??

'Sir, you're going to have to call back tomorrow.'

Are you kidding me?

This is absolutely insane.

When I return the equipment, if I'm charged a dime or sent to collections, I'm filing criminal charges.

Dawson, Illinois, United States #236351

The thing is, my internet was working. Flawlessly.

Now it's disconnected. Or pending installation. Or we don't have an account.

Or canceled. Nobody can give me a straight answer, and on Monday, if I can't get an answer, I'm throwing their junk in the trash.


I totally agree. I also have Verizon internet and it was quite aninteresting set up.

some one came in teh wee hours of the morning to run the line. Didn't leave a note or anything that the outside line had been run so I waited ALL day for a tech to come set this stuff up... never came.

I called the # in the book at 5 pm hoping to get some one out before they closed only to find my service had been up all day. The tech walked us thru the installation as it wasn't the easiest thing, and after 2 disconnects we were finally up and running.

Dawson, Illinois, United States #236339

Oh, forgot to add... we spent over 9.5 hours on the phone with Verizon trying to get this settled. That's absolutely ludicrous.

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