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so my husband and I opened an account with Verizon on Nov. 27th 2008.

We noticed the first night that we weren't receiving service at our home. We thought well perhaps its just the location we were in and lets try to stick it out. So 14 days into the contract we receive a bill for 800.00 I was like wow for what the first bill was estimated at 240.00 and that was due to it being higher based off them billing you a month in advance. I immediately called Verizon and sat on hold for 15 mins trying to reach a rep.

when they came on they placed me on hold and hung up. I was pissed so fine round 3 I called back 5 mins on hold placed me on additional hold and guess what they frickin hung up so the third time I'm fuming and the rep says take my bill to the Verizon store and let them break down the bill. So at this point I'm like I'm done with your company. So we try to return the phone equipment to walmart the next day and Verizon says that's fine but u still owe 800.00 i say well how your commercial clearly says try us out for 30 days and you can opt out if you don't like our services at no PENALTY TO YOU.

Somebody tell me why they knocked the the bill down to 200.00 and charged us for the prorated cost of us having the phones and the services amenities we had with them! Verizon your liars and you false advertise and every time i see one of your customers i tell them to switch. Oh n your dead zone commercials and the can you hear me now!

*** no how can they hear you when you cant even get a signal I have switched to all tel and they are great! *** a Verizon wireless shove your service and high bills up your butts

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Despite LOL's disgusting attitude and uncoolness, the fact of the matter is that Verizon DID buy Alltel. If you have an Alltel phone, you're a Verizon customer, more or less.

Now, I can tell you that, as of this writing, Verizon folks CANNOT help you with your service or phone. Something to do with the terms of the sale. They CANNOT try to get you to switch to their service, but you can ask for it to be done.

As for LOL, have you ever tried to read the damned contract? I worked there, and it took me several weeks to understand it all. And I'm a very well-read person.

Even for those who've worked there for a least a year, there is always some surprising fact about the contract that comes across the line. Its changes constantly, depending on where the company thinks it can scrudge more money from consumers. Ask any worker: the rules change almost every day as to what you can and can't do for customers.

The Verizon-side people are paid based on how many people they get to sign up for service each month, not how well they provided service. The Flextronics side, on how many texting packages and accessories they've sold. Customer service really is ALWAYS stressed as less important that your "numbers".



Yea how funny u are read the print u have to port ur number out lol. Wow u people are ***.

Do u just buy a car without reading the contract???? No learn how to read ***. As far as alltel go Verizon bought there *** also.


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