Reedley, California
Not resolved

I ordered the security service bundle in Jan. It never has worked.

I started calling their tech line and everytime I called I got the same thing. the guy wanted to access my PC and uninstall it. He said he would do the uninstall, it would reboot, he would reinstall it and all would work. the first 10 times I allowed to try this when my PC rebooted after the uninstall the tech would be gone.

try to call back and never be able to get ahold of the same one. I reinstalled it several times myself. Still not working. Got extremely PO'd on the phone with them and got a supervisor.

he promised he could fix it. I stupidly let him try, Same old problem. The next time I got someone that sent me to level 2 support they sent me to Macafee support. the guy at macafee (still verizon people) took control of my PC deleted a ton of stuff, uninstalls it and reinstalls it.

no good. so he starts looking around and and all of a sudden more stuff being deleted. Then he comes on the chat and tells me that the reason it doesn't work is because my windows seven will not do the auto upgrade and it's not their fault.

Well it was doing the regular upgrades before I supidly let the hacks have access to it. PLAIN AND SIMPLE THEY SCREWED ME

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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