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Update by user Sep 26, 2012

It has been over a month since I got a \"high priority\" trouble ticket for my overloaded tower. Nothing has happened to improve the speed.

It is as slow as ever. Over 3 minutes to load Google. My last contact with Verizon, the tech told me it was a know trouble area but he did not know when they were going to add capacity. He basicly told me to find another provider because Verizon could not even supply dialup speed off their new tower.

I insisted on compensation for the unacceptable service, which he did give me a $50 credit. I would rather have \"the fastest 4g network\" in the world.

Everytime I see thatnbull *** commercial, I want to puke. Reminds me of an Oboma campain promise.

Original review posted by user Aug 26, 2012

Due to our rural location, wireless services are scarce. But when Verizon installed a new tower a mile from my house, I jumped on it and gradually everybody else did too.

My mobil wifi started out at a nice 2.5 mbs but as time as gone on, it has finnally choked on the load. My download is .05 mbs and upload is .03 mbs most of the time now. I have called Verizon "Customer Service" twice and was given curtious lip service and bumped up to "Priority" status. Just what the customer loves to hear.

But they never called back like they said they would and nothing has changed after 7 days of less than dialup speed. My bill showed up on time though. They seem to have that down pat. I think a week is plenty of time for them to fix their overloaded tower and if they can't then I need to go to our local DSL service.

Very disappointed in Verizon.

I left Sprint for the same reason a yr ago. I think their all the same, take your money and care less about if your service is as promised.

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