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My son has a Verizon number. We had a need to use the Phone insurance in March. The replacement phone was a 3-5 day delivery. He used an older phone as a temporary, one while the new phone was delivered. The new phone arrived, and the number was transferred to the new one.

3 Months later, he had a problem with the new phone, and we were shocked that the insurance was cancelled by Verizon! We were not notified, and now have no insurance.

This is a Verizon issue, but we have found no one at Verizon who cares. Who can I contact? After 15 years, we are prepared to leave Verizon at the end of the contract (end of the year), because Verizon is no better than the rest... and they used to be the best!

Frustrated in Chattanooga

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The company that VZW uses for insurance is Asurion. Their policy states that you get 2 claims in 24 months. Is it possible that you were on your 2nd claim? They remove after the 2nd claim. If this is the case, it would have been your responsibility to fully understand your insurance policy.

Additionally, Asurion will not insure used devices, so if you placed the device on there yourself the system very well may be dropped the insurance.

You say your phone is having it damaged or defective? Asurion is only for damaged devices and requires a deductible, you would need a warranty for defection. Asurion is responsible for warrantying their replacements, and I believe they cover them for a year. So if your VZW 1-yr warranty is up, then try contacting Asurion (888-881-2622).


Your insurance was probably automatically removed when you switched your son back to an older phone that was not the same as the one that was insured. I have used the insurance too, and it says to check and make sure it has not changed or been removed after the phone change is completed.


If you had been paying for insurance via a charge on your monthly bill, you should have noticed when the charge was no longer there. Thus, your responsibility to call them and re-instate it.

Or, if it came with the phone as a temporary item, then you should be able to find out from Verizon why they dropped it and when, etc. However, think twice about switching companies. At the very least, do NOT go with Sprint.

Unless you like poor customer service, unintelligible bills and shady business practices. a wordto the wise.

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