I just found out that Verizon is increasing the price of my internet DSL service from $31.99 to $36.99 and cancelling the $10 promotion I have been enjoying. This is essentially increasing my bill from $21.99 to $36.99 (68%).

This is outrageous. I called customer support. They couldn't help and tried to transfer me to the retention department. I got cut off.

I called back and was treated very rudely by a customer care rep who basically said I'm out of luck, I have to pay whatever they want me to pay, and there is no retention department. I asked for a supervisor, who did apologize for the rude behavior and did transfer me to the retention department.

At which time they gave me the same "sorry 'bout your loss" excuse and would do nothing for me. Needless to say, I'll be shopping around.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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