Recently, I noticed my internet bill being higher than usual. Somehow upgrades were added to the account.

Ok. I can understand that things happen,Maybe I added something or my son did, but try to get it rectified. Have you called the service numbers given lately. Do you connect with Anyone in the United States?

The answer is no. And these "experts" never have the right answer and when they get confused they send you to a "supervisor" that NEVER answers the phone. Their customer service stinks.

I can't believe this company is still in business.If everyone cancelled them they would answer the phone. That's what you get for $ 2.00 per hour.Cancel them!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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Dave- I am moving on from Verizon to Cricket. So far everyone that I know that has Cricket says its pretty good.

Verizon is TERRIBLE! I have to go outside so many places just to talk because the reception is bad or the calls are just dropped. I often wonder after spending 5 minutes talking to dead air...where is that guy and the network that is on t.v.

about every 30 seconds...can you hear me now? What ***!


I tried to fix a billing error and kept getting passed from dept to dept and nothing has been fixed. i spent three hours on the phone and just got even more furious, because at the end of the day nobody actually help me.

I feel let down, now I see why the rest of the world is advancing and the US is regresing. Any one deal with Cricket yet, how are they?

Chimney Rock, North Carolina, United States #54917

SALLY: just whom are you addressing?

Chimney Rock, North Carolina, United States #54916

Yes, Verizon is horrible. HOW they can still be in business and compete is beyond me.

Do yourself a favor and switch to Nextel/Sprint.

Excellent customer support and CORRECT billing procedures, with credits due. I've been with them for five years and wouldn't switch for anything.

Chimney Rock, North Carolina, United States #54914

Nini: Your story is not new. Verizon is notorious for its poor customer relations, over-charging and billing disputes.Switch to Nextel/Sprint --- and be happy, for the first time. I\'ve been with them for five years, and they\'re the best!!

Chimney Rock, North Carolina, United States #54913

You're right. Verizon IS a poor choice in cellular service.

That's IF "they" know what "service" is all about.

We had terrible experiences with them and switched to Nextel/Sprint and are now very happy. Their customer support is excellent and their billing department is always on top of the equation. We've gotten more credits from them than we deserve --- but that's what customer support is all about.

Long live Nextel/Sprint.


Verizon sent me to a collection agency 3 years ago. I have sent them a copy of my cancelled check with Verizon stamped on the back and they won't get the collection agency off my back.

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #51708

Wish I could cancel YOU and get back the 30 seconds I lost reading your post. You're an ***.

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