we have tried for 3 months to get someone at verizon to listen to us,but they are nothing but robots, rude and always right,,,we are being ripped off every month because they are not smart enough to figger the bill correctly,,,our bill is 40.44,,they are charging us 124.47,,,WHY????,someone cannot add and subtract....we have talked and talked,they will not listen,,we donot have long distance,call transfr,just a plain ole basic line,so why is this so hard for them to understand?please will some one from there please listen .

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What state are you in? What is your charges suppose to be? No long distance?

Seems odd that you are not suppose to have anything but pot line and the bill is that high.


You need to write a simple letter address to the Federal Communications Commission (look it up) and send a return receipt requested to the president of Verizon.

Just state the problem- you have basic plan with Verizon and they are charging you what ever it is. Include a copy of you r bill, keep a copy for your records and they will straighten it out pretty quick.

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