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I have not had my phone working since Monday July 12th, I called Verizon to schedule a repair and was told the problem was outside and a representative would come out on Thursday (once again my issue started on Monday).

On Thursday I get a phone call from the Verizon Rep who asks if I'm home, where I proceed to tell him that my problem is outside why would I need to be home.

I come home from work that night and surprise, surprise the phone isn't working.

I call Verizon again, and they tell me that another representative has to come out to finish the job and they would be out on Friday and we would be the 2nd job on the techs list.

Well, surprise, surprise, I get a phone call from someone at the house, from their cell phone, telling me the house phone isn't working yet. I once again, call Verizon and I'm told that a technician will be out by 9:00 pm (this call was placed at 4:15 pm).

I get home from work and call Verizon at 6:05 pm to check the status on the technician and once again I am told he will be here by 9:00 pm.

By 7:30 there was still no technician, I call Verizon again and once again I am told a technician will be out by 9:00.

at 9:01 pm I call verizon again, I get 1 representative who tells me that the technician will be out tomorrow (the 16th) by 2:30 pm. I ask why didn't the technician come out today like I've been told all day and he didn't have an answer.

I ask to speak to a supervisor, he puts me on hold, comes back on the line and tells me the supervisor's line is busy and he can't transfer me to anyone, I ask to be placed on hold and he said he can not place me on hold. I again ask (in a loud tone by this time) to speak to a supervisor and the representative stated he can not get me a supervisor and he could not keep me on hold because he had to answer other calls, I told him how could he answer other calls if he's not done with my call, he said he couldn't help me and I should call back. I told him I would not hang up and if he wanted to answer his other calls he would have to hang up. He hung up on me.

I then call Verizon again (by this time at 9:50) and get another representative, I immediately ask to speak to a supervisor, she places me on hold and tells me the line is busy, when I ask to be placed on hold I get the same response as the gentleman before me, they can not place me on hold. she asked for my account information (which I repeated for the 5th time today) and she said the technician noted at 6:30 pm that he would not be able to make it to my home to fix my phone, I asked why no one told me on the multiple previous phone calls I had placed and she didn't know the answer.

I have not had a lan line in my house all week and have been treated like *** by the customer service representatives. In a time where there are multiple phone companies someone can move too, this company should be concerned about their customer service representatives and how they treat their clients. When a customer is told a technician is coming, the technician should come. Not everyone in my household has a cell phone and we have a senior citizen who is not in the best of health, if he had to call 911 at all this week, he would have had to wave someone down to get their attention, if he would be able to walk. At this point I am sick and tired of Verizon and am looking to move onto another company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Account.

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I have read Kenya of these complaints looking to find a good phone company. T-MOBILE has way more pissed off people.

Not to Kenya from Verizon.

It looks like there just isn't any companies who care about their customers anymore. My time is almost up witTmobil .I wont be staying with them no way they Sud.I Bloemfontein Verizon changes quickly :cry


about 3 weeks ago my phone was out of order for at least 5 days. I called to let them know and the outage and recieved the recording and it stated that it couldn't do the test and suggested that i do a simple text which my husband had already done the day before.

well it finally cleared up after about 5 days. it seems that everytime there is heavy rain fall this happens. now today is june 26th and i just called my home to check on the grandchildren and the phone is not working, thank goodness my granddaughter has a cell phone which i texted her to see if everything is fine. it seems that the answer is always that the problem is in the home, i've lived in the same house for 35 years and i have never seen them replace the wiring.

if i was able to get service on my cell phone ( which there are no towers where i live) i would get rid of the home phone, but unfortunately i have to keep it because i am a heart patient and some day may need to call an ambulance which we had to in the past.

you seem to never want to hurry to fix the problem but when its time to shut the phone off for none payment its done quickly. i feel that when there is a problem with the phones we shouldn't have to pay full price each month.


I don't think Verizon has a good customer service. I have many experience how they treat customer like *** as you mention above. Good to move to anther phone company if you could


yeah, verizon sucks. i just got a letter from a collection agency trying to get me to pay for a home phone that i never even had.

i got directv & tried to bundle. they said verizon would be my hi speed & home phone. they don't even have service in this area, so i never had their stinking service & now they want to mess up my credit.

had really good luck with my verizon wireless, but i'm considering changing that too. f_)___k verizon

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