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I have been a loyal Verizon customer for over 12 years and recently wanted to upgrade to a smart phone increase my services, add a data package & add another line to my plan. Essential I wanted to give them more money.

I had questions about service & phone upgrades as well as which packages I should choose. During this process I had contact with 2 online chat agents - who said they couldn't help I would need to call in.. So I did then I had the very unpleasurable experience of being transferred around like a hot potatoe .. & speaking with 4 different phone reps + one supervisor and every experience was just as bad as the other.

Their reps are allowed to speak disrectfully to customers, raise their voices and be down right rude. Out of all the contacts only one rep was polite, knowledgable & helpful & guess what she was the one who got the sale. I was trying to give them more money & renew my contract and I am shocked at how difficult they made that. Just got my first bill with my new line & upgraded data package & I couldn't understand why it was so high so I called to ask if someone could go through my charges with me and I was told to go online & I had to plea with rep to take the time to go over it with me.

Daniel's response was most customers have the ability understand their bill & that he didn't know how to make me understand it! I said just go through each charge line by line with me - his response is that is what frustrates the reps at Verizon. Bottom line I didn't know I would be paying for a month of services in advance which made my bill quite inflated - he again said most people know that. Bottem line in Verizon's opinion I am an *** for being loyal & keeping the same carrier & service for over 10yrs & not knowing how this works.

Shame on them for letting their company operate like this & treat customers like this. They are lucky to have customers & customer 101 - they work for us we don't work for them!

All in all by trying to give them mire money every month - & to stay with them I had to spend over 4 hrs trying to. Won't do that again!

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I agree...worst customer service I've ever had. The "screw the little guy" attitude is about the most infuriating thing.

I dropped my contract with "the big guy" and will be giving Straight Talk my business from this point forward, and have warned everyone I know about them. Oh and don't bother voicing your opinions on any social media outlet, they get deleted.


Slinkky, I am sorry to hear about the issues you faced with our customer service. Our reps are certainly not trained to be rude or disrespectful to customers. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service & I regret that you did not receive that service. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us on Twitter @VZWSupport.

Thank you,


VZW Social Media Team


actually no it hasn't . The previous billing system 12 years ago was not pay a month in advance but pay the month in arrears.

When the billing system changed letters were sent out explaining the processes and changes however, not everyone reads all inserts in their bills. The new billing system which is about 10 years old give or take, changed that to bill in advance.


The billing is not what I had a problem with - I have no gripes of how it's set up - I simply never made changes just payed my bill on time every month & never paid attention to what period the service was for. My problem is with their service and how they speak to you.

A little courtesy & patience goes along way. And as I stated - I am referring to their overall service on over 5 contacts in the last month - only one contact was made for bill clarification. And I am clearly not complaining about fees or billing. I am dissatisfied with their horrible customer service.

@ Mandy are you implying I have not been with Verizon for 12yrs? Why would I make that up?

What benefit does that provide me - well aside from being treating poorly by them! Seriously


I've been w/ Verizon for OVER 6 yrs. - and I have known from the start of service that you pay 1 month in advance - How is that you didn't know - when you've been w/ them for so long?


If you've been w/ Verizon for 12 yrs. YES YOU WOULD KNOW THAT YOU PAY 1 mth.

in advance for srvc.

as it's been that way w/ them FOREVER! -

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