Verizon has been billing and I have been fighting them for 3 yrs. about a $144 charge billed to my elderly mother that she does not owe.

I have emailed, and spoke to someone on the phone. I tried to chat but that didn't work then I was disconnected on a call after being switched twice. Of course, no one ever called me back which would have been the right thing to do. When my own contract expires, I will not renew.

These fees were for hookups which she never received. She never used Verizon service and this is truly harrassment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Phone Service.

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This is just one reason that I resigned from this company after more than two decades of employment. This is so typical of Verizon.

THe reason that you did not get a call back is due to the fact that they have no organization in the call centers nor are call center employee's given the time to follow up with the customer and get the issue resolved. In a call center environment they have daily call quotas and if your problem seems as though it is going to tie them up for quite sometime they will disconnect, say oopps and joke about it before the next automatic call is taken. This allows them to stay out of trouble with upper management and meet their daily, weekly, and monthly call quotas and to stay out of trouble and possibly Termination.... Its all "smoke and mirrors" with Verizon.

They want that shinny image as a trustworthy company to do business with when indeed they could care less about your or your concern. I have witnessed this so much and this is the direction that this company is going. I can say that most of the call center employes are genuine and want to help. Its all of the threats and upper management that prevents them from doing the job that they want to do.

However, if you have factual proof that they goofed and its plain to see, file a complaint with not only the Better Business Bureau , but The Federal Trade Commission, and also the FCC.

You can also File a small claims case against them as well. I hope that this helps you.


I agree wholeheartedly! They did same thing to me with my mother and myself.

I also called to get a harrassing jerks number blocked and was given the worst time like I was the one that was in the wrong!!! They LIED about having ever speaking to me before, which I gave them detailed information, dates, names, times, and then some of countless times they spoke with me. They claimed they didnt exist and refused to block the number!!! Even so called supervisor, equally nasty and made clear couldnt careless I had heart problems, and was obviously very shaken by the creepo that had been calling!

These people should all be fired! I was asking a very.simple thing and the very fact that they gave me as hard a time as the creep Whose number I called to have blocked, is reprehensible!!!! They have ripped my husband and I off hundreds and hundreds and tried to bilk my 80 year old mother out of 1250.00 &she was a valued customer for over 17 years!!!! They lie and say they are taking care of issues and never do!

They promise to call back and never do. Disconnect, drop calls, which are conviently extremely important.

People should get together and all drop Verizon! Only then, will these people possibly wake up and realize the error of their ways!!!

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