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I have been a very loyal customer to Verizon Wireless since 2002 (just under a decade) with 5 contracts.

I love my service, I have always had good customer service.

I have always recommended Verizon Wireless to everyone, I have even had people switch from other carriers because I could not say enough about Verizon Wireless.

When the HTC Droid Incredible came out, I was so excited, (it was the closest thing to the iphone). I had a few co workers get the same phone because I really liked it, it seemed to be a good phone. Then my husband got the Droid X. We did not keep the phones long due to the phones had battery life issues. We did not feel the carrier Verizon Wireless had issues.

I loved Verizon Wireless cell service, customer service and there is no way I would cancel my contract with them, I sold the phones and we used old phones we had.

In March I was able to get the new iPhone 4 that had just came out I was so excited I could not wait to get my hands on the iPhone!

I got the iPhone (a NEW 2 year contract extension), no big deal we have been with Verizon Wireless for years and life went on.

My husaband got a new not so awesome phone the very end of July (a NEW 2year contract extension) once again NO BIG DEAL life went on.

Well now, that is were my good comments end on Verizon Wireless.

In August my husband was offered a promotion with his company, which is a good thing.

His company was flying us to Texas to let us look around the Brady Texas area.

The running joke with him and his co workers was "if the iphone doesn't work when we get off the plane, its a deal breaker, we are going to get back on the plane and head back to Alabama"

Well when we got off the plane in Dallas our phones worked fine. Well we changed planes and headed to San Antonio, and our phones both worked fine, no problems at all.

We stayed the night got up Friday morning and headed to this small Texas town of Brady, 120-130 miles North of San Antonio, and we arrive in Brady Texas, and guess what? Well of course my husbands phone will not work at all! We tried to call 611 no luck we tried to call my phone while sitting in the car no luck. So I look at my iPhone4 and no signal!!, but the phone is still working a little, enough that if I stand just right I might be able to make a call I called 611 from my phone spoke to a customer service person, explained that his phone will not work at all she said that we can do a manual update and it will work. I explained that it would be fine that if we did move to Texas I would take the phone to a local store and have it done then it wasn't something to worry about right now we will be back in Alabama in a day or two no big deal

So my husband calls his phone from the hotel room changes his voice mail message telling people to call my phone and we can call them back when we get to an area that has service. So we are 800-900 miles from our 3 children and our cell phones are not working to great, that's scary.

Well we get lucky and we find a very nice home for a very good price. We decide that yes we will move!

Well that is August 27th. So we start the long process of buying a home when we get back to Alabama, and its all good we are going to move.

My husband thinks I worry to much and think about things too much and I am sure I do, but that is so he does not have to.

I start to think about that trip just 2 weeks ago and how our phones wouldn't work. ummmmmm well let me call VZW and talk to customer service, and I just know that they are going to say that once we move we can switch to a local VZW carrier and get a new area code our phones will be fine. HA HA not true.

After talking with a customer service rep on September 12Th, explained we are moving to Brady Texas, she informs me that she would let me talk with the technical support department and see what they could do to help me, the young man was very nice, informed me that there was not any service for a 200 mile radius.

All I could say was "oh" "well can you put a tower up for me" (Laughing while I said this) he said that there had been some request for towers 2 or 3 times prior but the orders were turned down. He did nicely offer me an in home extension that would allow my phones to work in my home, I said thanks, but I really need my phones to work when I leave the home, I will have a home phone.

So then my saga continues, September 13Th, I called the 800# during normal business hours and spoke to a young lady, she informed me that as I already knew there was not any service in the Brady Texas area as it is a "none covered area" so I then pulled up the VZW website and sure enough on the map of red everywhere in the middle of Texas, known as the Heart of Texas is Brady, and there it is a big white spot, NO COVERAGE! So then the issue comes up about my service that I do want to keep because I love VZW have always had great customer service, great cell service!

I ask her what I can do, and the option is really nothing, I can keep paying for service and keep my five contracts or cancel the contracts and pay the early termination fees (ETFs) I tell her I really do not want to cancel my service but I feel that they are giving me no choice, With a company discount through work I pay $220 or more a month, I can not afford to pay for two cell phone services.

She offers to lower my bill to the minimum of $60.00 a month and ride out the contracts, and since we just upgraded a few weeks ago, it would be at least 14 months more. UGH I do not want to pay for service I can not use because they do not have it for me to use, I ask how much my etfs will be and she said $895.00, and I said are you serious, your company does not offer service and this if forcing my to cancel my contract which I clearly do not want to do.

The customer service girl say well Mrs. XXXXX, when you sign up for a mortgage and move from the home if you have not sold it you will still have to pay for it. Well of course I will my home will still be where I left it to use if I want to, my mortgage company is not telling me my home will not be there once I leave, my home will still be there for me to use if I leave! (what does this have to do with cell phones and etfs?)

So I tell her I want to speak with her supervisor, she tells me she is in a meeting (of course) and she will call me back.

The next day Amanda calls me back and apologizes for my trouble, but stands her ground that I will have to pay the etfs of $895.00 but what she will do it turn my phones off on the 19th between 7:30pm and 10:00 pm (great NO CELL PHONE SERVICE FOR DAYS!!!)because this is the last day in my billing cycle and since I pay a month in advance I will have another service bill, my last bill will only reflect the $895.00 etfs, I said really? There is nothing you can do since your company does not offer the service that I am clearly not wanting to cancel You can not even cut the fees in half, no Mrs Xxxxx we can not it is policy. Well what am I to do? She did however say she will note my account and on the 14th of October when my bill is due if I can not pay the $895.00 in full then on the 26th when it will be considered late call the financial department and set up payment arrangements on the balance. And that is what the Cell phone company that I loved and promoted and did not want to end my contract is doing for me, allowing my to pay them $895.00 because they do not offer service where I am moving to! Hats off to BIG RED GO VZW luv ya !!! NOT!

Monetary Loss: $895.

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Yes I have contacted as many people at VZW as I can, I have called 2xs to set up a payment plan on the ETFS that I have been billed, the 1st attempt, I was told that $50.00 per month is not enough that they are unable to set this plan up, but the lady did transfer me to a customer service rep who told me that they can waive up to $300 per day, he was able to waive $295, he spoke w/his supervisor who said that now that the phones are disconnected that there is not anything they can do for me, UGH :upset but to call back next week and see if i get a NICE rep and see if they will remove another $300 and just keep calling back, so of course I called back once again to see if I can get any more waived, NOTHING, so I attempt for a 2nd time to set up a payemnt plan of $50.00 a month and once again I was told that this is not enough a month, I went round and round (remaining nice) I finally called back asking for a mediation request form, they had no clue where to get this form, FYI it is on their website. I then contacted the BBB and I have received 2 phone calls from VZW telling me they received my complaint, but as of this point, I have not heard anything else, I have made a $50.00 paymnet for Nov and will continue to make payments. :cry :cry


Have you tried talking to someone above her level of management? I know it can be frustrating, but that just seems so wrong for VZW.

I am going to show this to my branch office because i just think that is wrong. And seriously??? Cant they just bounce a signal off of some AT&T tower for you?

There is more to this. Dont pay it yet!


Actually Verizon does have a policy where if you move and it is to an area where there is no service you are able to get the ETF waived. I know, because I did this.

They put me through to technical support who was able to document that my area was in fact a no service area and they were able to get rid of my early terminations.

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