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My bank made a payment via Bank Pay, and Verizon lost it for over two months. My bank faxed them proof of payment; Verizon denied that they ever received such fax. They suspended my service three times, even though they were conducting an investigation as to the "lost payment."

The third time, when I called (the only call I could make was to Verizon), the only department I could be connected to was their equivalent of collections. I asked that they call my bank to have the fax resent. They cannot call out. Five times I went round and round trying to get Customer Care -- on various such calls I was disconnected, sent back to the automated message, sent back to collections -- I cannot remember how many times.

The sixth time is simply unbelievable:

A very nice woman told me that my account was delinquent.

I said it was not and that my bank had faxed proof of payment.

She said they did not receive it.

I asked her to call; she cannot call out.

I asked that my phone be reinstated so that I could call my bank. She could not -- my account was delinquent.

It is not, there is an investigation.

You have to have your bank send proof.

I cannot call out.

That is because your account is delinquent.

It is not.

Have your bank send proof.

I cannot call out. Can you call?


Then reinstate my account so I can call.

Your account is delinquent...

Six times we went around like that. I asked for a supervisor. I asked him if he could call out. Yes, but I had to give him the phone number. While I was looking for that, he found the lost payment. In fifteen seconds! It had taken the rest of the company two months and three disruptions of my service and they still hadn't found it. Then I asked him if he would waive the early termination fee so that I could just get away from Verizon for good. He told me it had been my fault in the first place. No remorse, no apology, no accommodation for the many hours and extreme frustration Verizon had caused!

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I am going through a similar situation with verizon, except I caught it before the disconnect. Like you, I pay at the 1st of the month every month through my bank's 'click pay'.

This has worked for all my bills without error for over a decade. For some reason, Verizon is not posting payment for weeks after my bank sent payment.

Proof of payment got late fees lifted but no explanation of why they are doing this. Do you, or anyone that might see this, know the law that requires a commercial activity to post payment upon receipt?

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