So I got my replacement for my iPhone 4S today, another iPhone 4S.

However, this was a complete surprise because it was supposed to be canceled!

Apple was going to send me a BRAND NEW one in replace for the old one>

Apple and I went through everything. They talked to Verizon, etc.

Apple said everything was good and that they will send me a new one when they see I've sent the old one back to them. Got the shipping labels printed out and everything

Then that's when I hear from my grandma that a replacement came in the mailbox.

Yes, the mailbox. Not only did they send me something that should have been canceled, it was put in the mailbox, so no on signed for it! On another note of that, I got the phone completely DEAD! Anyways, I decided to cancel what I had with Apple because I didn't want to wait half a month to get this fixed up and get everything to the right place. So I called Verizon, got this replacement MEID number on the account, etc and they said it's good to go. Bull ***. I could not get the phone to activate! So I called Verizon, spoke with a really nice lady but she could not figure out what was going on. The MEID number was correct, the towers were fine. Everything seemed fine. Then I talked to a guy, some level 2 ***. He basically told me because the phone is used it has to be restored through iTunes. Bull ***. Certified like new phone's go through 100 point checks to make sure everything is perfect. The outside is brand new. The phone acted brand new. It was fine, so what ever that guy was talking about was ***! I called again, spoke to a lady who put me on hold and then the call was disconnected so I called back. I spoke with another man who said there was nothing he could do and to take it to Verizon. I told him I was fed up and asked if it were possible for me to send the REPLACEMENT phone back to them, and continue my deal with apple. He said yes, however I would be charged!!!! I thanked him and hung up, called back and spoke to another lady. She told me because the phone was a replacement there would be NO charge to send it back. Just put the shipping label it came with and ship it off. She even noted the account that I should not be charged. In the end, because of some *** up, I'm sitting here with two iPhone 4S 16GB white from Verizon that isn't working. I spoke to 2 men, 3 woman. Both men were completely useless and very rude. The first lady was very nice, but couldn't fix the issue. Second lady, call was disconnected. Third lady informed me that I would not be charged and to send it back. Verizon needs to get their *** together. How can 1 person tell me I'll be charged and another says I will not be and she even notes the account. *** idiots. We're going to take the replacement to Verizon tomorrow and if they cannot activate it within the store, I am shipping it back to where it came and I am going to continue my deal with Apple. I'm about ready to say *** it and find a way to get my money back!

EDIT: Forgot to mention on the acting brand new thing: The iPhone went through the configuration like the brand new one i bought did. They told me all iPhone's had to be activated through iTunes, but that is *** because when I got my first one it activated perfectly fine the same way I was trying to do it. Recertified phone's are not "USED" phones. They are completely restored to be new! (Yes I know they are actually used, but I mean they don't have old data on them, etc)

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Account.

Monetary Loss: $233.

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