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I am a new customer of Verizon for 2 months. The "new" number I got from Verizon used to belong to a Medical Supply company.

About 1 month ago, I saw my number was still on the homepage of that company. As a result, I kept getting annoying phone calls. Someone called because she thought it was a pharmacy. People called or sent fax to my home to place orders for medical supplies.

Very annoying and frustrating.

I am reluctant to change to a new number again, because it is a lot of work to notice phone number change. I am pissed.

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Maybe you get a new number or maybe not. The phone company usually waits 6 months before using the number. Simple to get another number and your problem was with the other company not Verizon.


All you have to do is call Customer Service to have your device number changed. There is no fee for doing that. All the hard work is your dumb *** sitting there taking the calls instead of changing your number and doing something about it.

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