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I’m I recently received a letter from Verizon informing me that shortly they would discontinue support of analog TV reception on my service. When the service was installed they said that for a small fixed amount (Less than $20 one time charge) they would provide analog service for my analog TVs over the same cable as the digital signal. In the letter it said that they would provide a Digital Adapter for free for my analog TVs as long as you were a customer at the current address. This smelled like just another way to charge you for any TV without a set top box. When I called for the adapters and asked for 5 I was told that I would have to pay $3.98 per month for anything over 3 adapters!!!

This is clearly unnecessary and is a revoking of our original contract. As far as Verizon’s new Personal Account Manager Service she has done nothing to resolve the problem and is very difficult to understand. When I told my PAM that she had done nothing to resolve my problem and better get someone to call me to fix the problem. I received a call from someone that said she was a Verizon manager and understood that I had a problem. Once again (5th time) I explained what I needed and she proceeded to try and convince me that all I needed was 3 adapters and even suggested that I could buy two addition adapters at a local store using the Government provided two $40 debit cards (see site WWW.DTV.Com). I told her I expected the devices for free and without monthly charges.

The FOIS digital adapter is a Motorola DCT700 unit that can be found at the Motorola Web site.

Make sure you look at the DCT700 Data-sheet (90Kb pdf) and the Migration to All-Digital (87Kb pdf) White Paper to see what Motorola says are the advantages, certainly not necessarily in the best interest of the end user.

This is a RIP-OFF!!!

You will note in the following excerpt that they are implying that the Federal Government is forcing this change when in fact the DTV site clearly states “HIGH POWER BROADCAST STATIONS”

The following excerpt came from

EXCERPT from Verizon Web

Your FOIS TV service is becoming 100% Digital – and that's great news for you!

It means eye-popping pictures on every TV in the house and earth-shattering sound. More service enhancements in the future like expanded standard-definition and high-definition channels, and HD video on demand will be possible. All at the same great FOIS TV value you enjoy today.

Throughout 2008, we'll be transitioning our analog television channels to an all-digital format. A few simple steps are required to receive the digital channels, and we'll help. We'll notify you by phone and mail before your FOIS TV service goes all-digital in your community. Each television in your home will need either a Verizon-provided set top box, digital adapter or a CableCARD. The one exception to this rule is if your digital television includes an internal digital QAM tuner. Verizon is leading the industry well ahead of our competitors, to bring you the benefits of 100% Digital FOIS TV.

FAQs – General Questions

What is digital conversion and why is the transition from analog to digital occurring now?

The federal government has mandated that all television broadcasting be transitioned from analog to digital transmission by Feb.17, 2009, freeing up parts of the scarce and valuable broadcast spectrum. Verizon made a commitment with the FCC to eliminate our analog service by Feb. 17, 2009. Verizon's transition to a 100% digital format will enable Verizon to offer even more of the great high-definition (HD) and special interest



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Basically going through the samething with local Comcast service. My whole thing with the analogue to digital conversion is that everyone was saying don't worry if you have cable service they already do that for you.

But they won't anymore and you will have to pay now. I suspect that eventually they force you to rent every box down the road.

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