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So you are thinking of Verizon Fios for your home? Think again. Here is what happened to me.

On January 16th I ordered the Fios "bundle" from Verizon, using their 1-800-get-fios number. I go through about five levels of voice prompts, no people, only to get a message stating "all circuits are busy, try again later". I try a half dozen more times that week, without success.

I then tried signing up using their internet site. You go through about a dozen prompts before getting a "page not found" error message. You try three or four more times only to get the same error or one that says "java script error".

I finally spoke with a Verizon technician who was working in the neighborhood and asked him if there was another way of contacting Verizon for setting up Fios in my home. He gives me a number to try. The number was busy each time I called, three times each day, for three days. I finally got through to a real person. This is six days from when I made my initial call.

The Verizon employee sets me up for installation five weeks from that day, February 22nd, between 8 and 5.

Now the fun begins.

On the evening of February 21st, I receive a call from Verizon (to my answering machine) stating that it was going to rain or snow the next day, so installation was postponed. The next available day was March 27th and they would be out between 8 am and 5 pm. So now it's going to be eleven weeks from my initial call in order to have it installed.

So I try calling Verizon for the next three days, going though all the voice prompts, four different people, and about two hours of phone time just to find out WHY? The fifth person I spoke with said he may be able to get the installation moved up a few days, but would need a supervisor's permission. Sorry, but they are all on calls right now. He took my number and promised one would call back within an hour. So I wait and wait for two more days. No call.

The next day I called the toll free number, went though all the voice prompts, three different people, waited on hold for 20 minutes and spoke with a customer service tech who had no idea why I needed to wait another five weeks but would try to find out. After 15 minutes on hold he comes back on the line. He said he was sorry, but five more weeks is the best they could do. The reason, Verizon has been "overwhelmed' with installation in Maryland and New Jersey.

So I'll *** another day from work in March and hope it doesn't rain.

So do you still want Verizon Fios? I might save my money and time and go back to a dial-up modem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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Moonachie, New Jersey, United States #5111

Customer service just suck. My fios has been down and I have to walk to the library to get the number from the NET. There is no number from the net.

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