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I signed up with Verizon FIOS in January; In February I called Verizon & asked if I could freeze my account since I’m doing renovations and would not be home. They told me I couldn’t do that or I would lose the promotion offer of $500.00 gift card. I received my 1st bill & paid in March.

My 2nd bill was much less and did not include charges for TV services. I called Verizon and was told that the TV portion of the package had been cancelled. When I explained to the Verizon employee that I was the only person on the account and never cancelled any portion of the package & to please provide who cancelled. She was unable to locate any information of the cancellation. My response to her was - "Let me Guess I know longer qualify for the $500.00 gift card. She responded that FIOS is no longer offering the $500.00 gift card and the best she could do is $300.00 gift card & $5.00 off a month.

I explained to the women that it was unacceptable and I would have just rescheduled my installation appointment. The manager said that she could post date the bill and I would receive a refund of the money I paid and boxes from UPS to ship the equipment back. Needless to say, I still have not received either & now Verizon FIOS is on my credit report stating that I owe them for internet installation.

Every time I call Verizon I spend at least an hour waiting for made up responses, service reps are not trained properly.

At this point I have loss the following:

$165.00 (Bill paid) plus interest

10 hours spent already ($100.00 an hour)$1,000.00

Score dropped 54 points b/c of their negative incorrect reporting. I was denied a credit card recently.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Bundle.

  • Verizon false advertising
  • Verizon credit report
  • Fios fraud
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