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Update by user Aug 18, 2015

Have been promised assistance from the AG's office.

Update by user Aug 08, 2015

As of 8/7/15, after several chat sessions with Verizon tech support and promises that the area manager would call for 3 straight weeks, told yesterday online (no phone call received) that it was too bad for me about their install tech stealing my router, the recent tech ripping my chair cushion, and "oh well" about the disconnected fiber optic cable. The area supervisor had closed my case.

As we say here in Massachusetts, "On to the AG's office." Verizon: You are going down." Meanwhile, fellow citizens, disentangle from this most disreputable company.

They even make Comcast look good.

And that's an understatement.

NOTE: Verizon's latest TV and radio adds still proclaim that they off super in-home WiFi. Right...This engineer can tell you that is it is a lie and I retain a quote from tech support: "We do not guarantee WiFi..."

Update by user Jul 26, 2015

Verizon now claims they do not guarantee WiFi. There also is rarely Internet service. You want to pay for that?

Update by user Jul 25, 2015

Adding insult to injury, tech who was at my home three days ago spent 20 minutes on a personal phone call sitting at my dining room table. He also ripped the seat cushion.

UNLOAD VERIZON, FOLKS. They make Comcast look good.

Update by user Jul 22, 2015

Update July 22. Still have the slowest WiFi in the U.S.

Verizon wants to charge even more to install booster. Still paying unauthorized extra since March 2015. Still trying to get stolen (March 2014) router issue resolved.

A Verizon rep said to me today: "Wireless is not guaranteed. Advertised speeds are for wired connection only."

Update by user Jul 14, 2015

Have spent several hours online in "chats" with Verizon agents. Today's conclusion from 45-minute chat: I have to buy a newer cordless phone so that I can use a phone anywhere near my wireless laptop connection.

In addition, Verizon is unable to provide better than a "poor" to "fair" wireless connection in Waltham, MA. Oh that's worth $118+ per month? IS IT TIME TO RETURN TO COMCAST?

Other suggestions? Despite the horrors of Comcast and Time Warner, never had technical issues, destroyed entertainment components, and missing Linksys router after installation.

Update by user Jul 13, 2015

Tech support claimed they never heard of a land-line phone dropping calls while close to WiFi laptop. Then changed my channel.

Resolved, but then no Internet connectivity yet again. Have gone round and round with them.

WARNING: Severely inept company. Stay with proved technology, i.e., cable.

Update by user Jul 10, 2015

Forgot to mention that the destructive installer March 2014 also took off with my Linksys router. I never have been able to find it.

Original review posted by user Jul 03, 2015

My experiences with Verizon Fios began early in March 2014 with the ringing of the doorbell by a young man, a Verizon representative. After an initial conversation during which I expressed displeasure with Comcast prices and customer service, he convinced me to switch to Verizon Fios. He scheduled the installation for March 18, 2014.

The following occurred and *** ensued for four straight months:

• The extremely rude installer tore around my apartment for a long time. After he left, the cordless telephone in my office was missing: It took me FOUR hours to find it at last—it was wrapped in wires hanging behind one of my Dell tower computers. My entire office was left in shambles.

• Contrary to my request to keep my phone number, Verizon issued a new phone number of which I remained unaware until after four days, a frightened friend knocked on my door as she had been unable to reach me by phone. Because of the Verizon screw-up, I could not cancel my Comcast account until almost the end of March, costing me more money!!

• The channel lineup that the sales person had promised was not delivered. He was either ignorant or lied. But to get the channel I had been promised, another favorite channel was dropped and an additional $30 per month was charged.

• The original sales person said I would not be billed until April 23, 2014. The bill came due April 15. More lies!!

• On the installation date, I had asked the installer to be careful not to disrupt any of my components attached to my home theater. He assured me he would not. However, after he left, my DVD player/writer stopped functioning totally. I made two long phone calls about this over more than an eight-day period with assurances from Verizon that this error would be corrected in person. When I checked the trouble ticket number given to me, it was stated that there were NO OPEN TROUBLE TICKETS!!

• The end of May 2014, I spoke with yet another technician at Verizon. He stated that there was no way that the installer could have installed the Verizon set-top box without disrupting the DVD player. He said that he would get a technician on site. He promised to confirm May 27, 20 14. I NEVER HEARD FROM HIM.

• On May 29, 2014, I spoke with yet another Verizon technician. He reiterated exactly what the previous technician had stated; I received email confirmation with another case number. But once again, I NEVER HEARD BACK WITH ANY CONFIRMATION. I checked the case number online and it said “Ticket closed.”

• On June 3, I spoke with yet ANOTHER VERIZON TECHNICIAN. He was very rude and refused to accept any responsibility for Verizon’s failures. After arguing with him, he said he could get someone out the end of the week.


I ended up having to replace the DVD player/writer with a used one found on Amazon. I still cannot reconnect it to receive signals as I had paid to have my home theater set up when I moved into my apartment in August 2013. I am very physically disabled—that is why I have to pay people to help me. However, my brain with its 40-plus years in Information Technology works just fine.

At the moment, Verizon having failed to have a manager call me as requested weeks ago, along with extreme rudeness of “supervisors” in the online community, I am looking forward to reestablishing a relationship with Comcast. They really are looking very good right about now.

Oh yes, the Wi-Fi barely works. The signal strength is ALWAYS POOR TO FAIR AT BEST.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Verizon Cons: Poor service, Difficulty with resolution.

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

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