I signed up for the Triple Play more than ayear ago.AQt that time I told the salesman I did NOT want the games, movies,off-line storage, parental controls and the whole list of add-ons - PERIOD.

Guess what? The first invoice had all the extras listed at N/C. I went back to the salesman, he called customer support, he assured me that it was taken care of. Next month the charges appear again plus no credit for the previous month.

Third and fourth months, the same thing. During these four months, I made monthly payments less the over-charges. After the 4th month, my services were suspended. Another trip back to the store and this time the salesman gave me the direct phone number to the VP of Customer Service.

I talked to him, and all he would say, if I paid the total amount due including the over-charges, he would personally credit back the over-charges. LIKE AN ***, I paid the bill in full. The service was turned back on immediately. Next month- same problem and no credits issued.

Another trip back to the store, I really raised *** and was asked to leave. I packed up all their equipment and returned it to the store and got a reciept and supposedly cancelled the account - WRONG! Now 9 months later, I still get a monthly bill for service and equipment and a call from a collection agency.

THESE PEOPLE ARE TOTAL MORONS!Beware - you have been warned!

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Richmond, Virginia, United States #1218713

Verizon Fios does not even offer THE WEATHER CHANNEL. Big name like Verizon and they can't even offer the BEST in weather.

Najafgarh, Delhi, India #935029

Your blog of Verizon FIOS SUCKS is really an informative blog.

Dallas Business Phones


When Verizon first took over my phone company, they couldn't have been better ... of course those were the days of phone company service regulation by the Public Service Commission, which the phone companies and their Republican shills in government did away with.

Now, the service is like a third world company ... come to think of it, it is a third world company, as when you get DSL tech support, you are talking to Asia.

They have boldfaced lied to me, charged me for services I did not have, and failed to address repair issues.

OK, and probably, they have their paid shills posting positive comments on websites such as this one.

Dallas, Texas, United States #659287

Lol at the comment saying verizon "turned off youtube in my area"!!!One does not simply "turn off" youtube, you might want to educate yourself on how content delivery works.

Dollars to donuts, anyone experiencing slow connection speeds on fios have a computer infested with malware/spyware.Either that or you are a Time Warner/Comcast/AT&T troll.

to Jimmy #676319

Verizon won't let you make certain websites your default homepage. I know people who couldn't make MSN their default home page and had to go to MSN through a web search or proxy.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #645235

I made the mistake of thinking Comcast was bad...Don't be fooled. Read these comments, they are all true. I just stripped my service down to the basics and will use Netflix and Redbox until my contract is up and I can switch back to Comcast.

to Comcast Boston, Massachusetts, United States #674622

i think she meant youtube on the television. fios used to have youtube on tv you could watch music videos but they stopped it last month.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #642233

Youtube no longer works with FIOS in some areas. When I called verizon they simply said they did not have enough bandwidth so they turned youtube off in my area. WHAT!?

New York City, New York, United States #602796

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I decided to sublet my son's apartment including utilites, he told me "You're going to love FIOS, I am so happy to be done with cable," I raised a smart, steetwise young man with a law degree and a successful career and I am baffeled, absolutely bollackes as to why he is so F...ing enarmored with this crabby product, Yes, it may be faster than the cable services and perhaps he thinks the customer service is better but as a member of MENSA I am not able to comprehend why he would think so, I have to reboot and request service from them at least once every 48 hours and when I had cable I didn't have to "rent" movies for a fee, I had them provided to me. I want the Public Utilites Commission to shut these A holes down they totally suck and I say that as the mother of a Verizon wireless employee, I am more proud of my criminal defense attorney son who represents the scumbags of life because at least he's honest but I find it despicable that another of my 4 sons is employed by these charlatans FIOS SUCKS change to ANYTHING ELSE May you all go bankrupt

Newtonville, Massachusetts, United States #587516

yeah, *** you Verizon. and *** your worthless website that never lets me sign in to pay my bill.

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