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After having my install date cancelled, a rep had my date changed and reordered. A month after install I received my bill.

they had charged me $561.45. I quickly called to inquire about the charges. The rep processed full credit so my bill would be the orginal $133.00 it was suppost to be. But in reality he had done nothing.

I had to call back several times and talk to superviors. they have no record of my first hour long conversation. they have the poorest customer service I have ever seen.

I got most of my credits but since have had nothing but trouble with their billing... I would never recommend them!

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After shopping around for different deals I decided to go with Verizon Fios bundle package. After having it for one month my first month bill was a whopping 516.43 minus the specials and promotions brought it down to 389.97.

I spoke to several reps and still nobody really explain to me why my bill was so high so I was transfer to the billing dept who made it clear that my services would be interupted if I didnt pay. Now I am thinking to myself, do I pay the amount or pay the cancellation fee of 250.00 plus the 389.97 I am at a no win situation. So I decided to pay the 389.97 so my credit would not be messed up. The verizon service is great but there have to be a better way of reps letting you know up front how much your first month is going to be instead of saying slightly higher.

Slightly higher does not mean an extra 200.00 on top of your bill that you have agreed to. I will never recommend verizon fios to anyone.

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