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Update by user Feb 19, 2022

Thank you for following up on my complaint regarding Verizon Communications.Prior to registering my complaint with Pissed Consumer, I was counseled to register my complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB of New York tried to mediate communications, but this resulted in no acceptable settlement.After suffering through our 8 day Verizon FIOS Internet outage, Verizon did credit my account for a little over $10.00.

Verizon offered to discount the cost of my Verizon router, which I declined. I declined the router offer, because there was nothing wrong with my Verizon router. The entire 8 day Verizon FIOS Internet outage was caused by Verizon themselves, and not by the failure of any Internet related hardware on my property. Accepting Verizon’s offer of a discount on my router, would have allowed Verizon to avoid the root cause of the failure, and Verizon’s liability for the damages their failure caused.I have taken to social media to provoke Verizon into resuming our negations.

Most of my posts can be found at, the website I originally planned to use for my writing projects. We have received a number of responses from many suggesting that we should sue.So, after much consideration, my wife and I have decided to sue Verizon. We’ve been told that the process may be long and expensive, but we both agree that this has to be done. If for no other reason than to let Verizon know that irresponsibility has a cost.We will be asking for an account credit equal to one year of service at our current billing rate, a fraction of the cost of our losses.

If the Court awards us a greater amount, we will give the balance to charity.That we should have to go to these lengths to acquire a fair settlement speaks volumes about Verizon’s character. What Verizon did to us was wrong. Denying their role in the failure will not bring about the changes that Verizon needs to make to insure that more of their customers do not endure the hardships that we had to endure.One last note; The BBB of New York has refused to publish my complaint against Verizon. In order for consumers to be fully informed and protected, consumer complaints need a public forum.

If the Better Business Bureau will not protect the consumer in this fashion, then our hope must lie with others like Pissed Consumer. We should all be thankful for their diligent attention to fairness.

Original review updated by user Jan 20, 2022

On 1/10/2022 my Verizon FIOS Internet service stopped working. The cause of this outage and a subsequent outage were Verizons fault.

I know this because at the conclusion of both service calls I asked the Verizon technicians to describe the problem and the resolution. The first outage was caused at a Verizon fiber wiring cabinet when a Verizon employee unplugged my fiber connection, and then plugged it into the wrong socket. This error left us without Internet connectivity for 4 days. The second outage happened 2 days later, and was also caused when a Verizon employee pinched or damaged my fiber cable when working in another Verizon fiber wiring cabinet.

This error left us without Internet connectivity for another 3.5 days.

On 1/10/2022, the day of the outage, we received a link to a Verizon website for the purpose of troubleshooting the Verizon equipment in our home. These diagnostics concluded that an on-site visit by Verizon was required and sent us to a Verizon web page to schedule the service call. The earliest Verizon permitted us to schedule was on Thursday, 1/13/2022, 3 days from the date of the outage. We accepted that date and agreed to the appointment.

Between Monday and Thursday I made repeated posts to Verizons support address on Twitter expressing our dyer need to have our Internet connection restored. But all of our pleas were ignored. When Thursday finally came, Verizon never showed up. When we contacted Verizon regarding our appointment, we were told that Verizon had no record of our appointment, even though we used Verizons own resource to book that appointment.

Verizon agreed to a new appointment for Friday, 1/14/2022. Our Internet connection was restored on Friday afternoon.

Two days later, Sunday, at around 10:00 AM, our Verizon FIOS Internet failed again. We contacted Verizon a second time. The best that Verizon claimed to be able to do was to schedule a new service call for Wednesday, 1/19/2022, 3 days from the second failure.

On 1/19/2022 Verizon missed the appointment, showing up an hour late. Our Internet connection was restored about an hour after the Verizon technician arrived.

In both cases it was Verizon themselves that caused the outage.

I have been a Systems Administrator for over 40 years. I hold several technical certifications including several computer networking certifications, which give me some insights into how a Fiber network functions, which makes it easy for me to communicate with the Verizon technicians. But I believe the most relevant certification I hold is the ITIL Foundation certification, which describes best practices for administering change, and is widely practiced by most technology and communications companies.

This is relevant as Verizon violated several ITIL disciplines, and in doing so, caused unnecessary financial hardship, mental anguish, and the inability to fulfill the responsibilities of my employment, where working remotely is required.

Specifically, Verizon did not inform me, of its plans to perform maintenance on any equipment related to my Verizon FIOS Internet service. Verizon failed to provide;

Intention to conduct maintenance/repairs

Description of systems/devices to be maintained/repaired

Date and start time for maintenance/repairs

Expected duration of maintenance/repairs

What customers should expect during the maintenance/repair duration Phone number/numbers to call for information relevant to the maintenance/repairs

Because of Verizons repeated failures;

We experienced 2 sudden Verizon FIOS Internet failures with no opportunity to prepare for the outage or institute other measures to maintain Internet access which caused;

Work related issues including;

Inability to monitor critical computers & networks and respond to problems

Inability to meet with coworkers and clients

Inability to process or submit customer proposals

Inability to perform off-site backups of critical data

Inability to send artwork to galleries and customers

Personal, Family & Home issues including;

Inability to perform online banking and execute securities trading Inability to participate in remote learning

Inability to submit grocery orders or schedule delivery services

Inability to share time with family online

Inability to activate/monitor home security devices

All of the above happened due to Verizons repeated failures, and were made worse every day the outage continued because of Verizons choice not to escalate the repair of the equipment that they, themselves, damaged.

For all of the pain and suffering that Verizon caused, they offered a paltry credit of $10.38. Efforts to engage Verizon in negotiating a fair settlement have thus far failed. In order to arrive at an equitable settlement, Verizon must agree to engage in negation.

The only other solution is to sue Verizon to Court.

While we are certainly willing and prepared to take the matter to Court, we want to give Verizon the opportunity to reach a mutually agreeable settlement, rather than a Court imposed settlement. Why wife and I agree that it would be in Verizons best interest to partake in dialog regarding the outage and compensatory damages.

User's recommendation: Avoid Verizon FIOS or get a backup method for Internet Access.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

Preferred solution: 1 Year credit on my Verizon Internet service 4G LTE Router/Wireless Hot Spot as backup for the Verizon Internet service Letter from Verizon stating that all Verizon Techs and Managers have obtained, or are obtaining ITIL Foundation Certification..

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