This is not a complaint. I am thinking of getting verizon fios. I live in nnj. A rep came to my condo complex yesterday. Knocked on my door and my husband spoke to him outside. Super nice guy my husband said. My husband is very good at reading *** and a bullshitter. He was a salesman years ago for a company. This rep offered us a deal for 109.50 for tv, internet and phone with a 175.00 gift card to best buy, amazon or whatever store we want. The rep gave us the paperwork to read over and it says m2.2 year term and checked is m2m

I am hesitant. I currently have comcast for phone,internet and tv and pay 133.00 a month on a promo that ends in July. After July, I will be paying close to 180.00 if I dont call them for another promo.

My mom currently has fios and switched to comcast back to fios. My dad seems to like to programs and my brother lives on the internet.

I am reluctant becasue my customer service expereince with comcast is very good, but the pricing is too much right now. My hubby and I are both unemployed and need to save money where we can. This is the only intriguing part to me. Instead of paying 133 till july and then more money on comcast, i would love to do this deal.

I dont to get basically get screwed paying for anything extra. And it seems the cs dept is clueless. Comcast I never have any issues and they are pleasant.

Help :). Thanks

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #675063

no no no...customer service is horrible. They don't mail bills and am unable to pay online so they put you in collections but do not do anything to get you a bill or let you pay it without major major hassles.

They transfer you around and you have to say the same thing to several people for days. Lose my internet constantly and the tv signal goes in and out with channels not available all the time.


Hey, great question. I actualu work for verizon fios in tech support for the last three years and I worked concede tech for 3 years Before that so I have experience with both worlds.

I am not biased to any company just because I work for them. They just pay me to fix their issues lol. Concede was good service, for what it is. Fios is also good.

The bad parts I've seen most for fios is that their can be issues with initial installation. But for the most part the statistics I've read internally show that it is more common to have a positive experience. The key component I've noticed for people being unhappy with their verizon is that the customer did not read through every detail of the contract and didn't ask every question they needed to. So of course the sales group is going to leave stuff out .

They are sales men. I would just realy do your homework when creating the order, make sure what monthly charges will be. And equipment charges, surplus and fees.

You have the power you re the consumer. Goodluck, and remember you are at a website called " pissed consumer" so of course all the opinions ate going to be negative here.

to Tyler- tec support agent for v Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, United States #676216

Buying phone and tv service should not be like buying a house with a mortgage. Hate to say it but the Verizon and other sales rep need to go over a checklist with the customer basically explaining the contract because that exactly what these optional services- a contract.

First with any big ticket purchase always ask about cancellation fees, return or usage fees, rental fees, taxes or any other fee or charge that will be on the monthly bill. Always ask about any potential sub contracting or third party issues. Ask in detail what equipment is needed and the costs of rental or buying out right. Check into installation and activation fees.

Never let any issues go waste. Once you've done everything you can or are responsible for REPORT every single problem or issue. Follow through until the problem is resolved. Ask about average wait/repair times for the service you are buying Beaware as with any public utility they are regulated by state and federal agencies-don't hesitate reporting Verizon or any other utility.

If you plan to leave a company like Comcast after a promotional rate/contract expires call them up once you have a valid alternative in hand and ask is there anything that can be done with the promotional/regular price. Is RCN in your area. Are you willing to go wireless internet and cell phone only. Are you will to buy Dish or Direct tv seperately.

It's pretty bad when buying phone,tv or internet service has become the equivilent of buying a used car.


No....No..and No... stay with Comcast....prices not that diff than with Verizon..but you won't have to deal with the Total disregard Verizon has to Consumers....and their poor knowldege of their own product.......so NO stay where you are....save yourself the hassle...we are heading BACK to Comcast after only 4 Months with Verizon....


I have been a Fios customer for less than a year now and it is the ABSOLUTE worst service I could have ever imagined. Since signing up with Fios, I have had to call repeatedly for either service or billing problems.

The best is when I was speaking with a customer service representative about my service not working correctly and she decided just to disconnect my service without my permission or consent. I was current on my bill and trying to get the service that I PAID FOR working correctly. It took two days to get my service turned back on. Every bill I have received is well over the amount quoted, the service is spotty and be prepared to spend at least 2 hours a month on the phone with people that will tell you one thing and do something entirely different.

The best part of the service is when she disconnected it without my consent, they changed my account number and did not tell me this.

Now I received a letter from a collection agency saying I owe money on the old account that they disconnected without my consent and never sent me a bill for. 2 days later I recieved an alert from my credit monitoring service that they had put a collection on my account and that my score had dropped from a 765 to a 627. After hours of speaking with Verizon reperesentatives assuring me that they would fix this but that it was not their department, I was transferred to their financial services department where I was basically told I was a deadbeat and to just pay the bill. It isn disgusting the way that they treat their customers and I would have cancelled my service a long time ago if they were not the only internet provider that services my apartment complex.

Their service is so bad that I am leaving my complex to find somewhere else that does not have Fios, just so I do not have to deal with them again. Save yourself the trouble and stay with your current provider!


Thanks. My promo is up in july and i was told IF comcast has another promo in my price range i can get it, if not im stuck paying 185.00 again :(. I'm paying 140.00 now.


The internet is ok, the tv is so-so. I really dont like the tv guide and it really laggy to me compare to my previous company.

But sometimes our cable boxs will drop out a couple times every week. One thing you will have to be careful on is the bill. They promised me a great deal on my monthly cost, but as soon as the bill came in it was no where what they told me. I got told HBO was free then I will see i was paying for it every *** month.

So I'm ready to go back to my previous provider(the company you are currently with).

At least when I was with them I know how much my bill was every month, instead being scared to see my bill when it came in. I would just try to get on another promo to save cost with your provider now.

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