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We moved into our new residence on Nov 15th. I called Verizon to set up vios cable, internet and home phone service. I was told it would be exactly 7 days until someone could come out and I would have to be home between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm that Monday of my appointment. 5 pm rolls around and after an entire day off work of waiting I call the company on my cell phone and wait for 20 minutes on hold only to be rerouted around to 4 or 5 different agents.

Each one would tell me they were going to find out what happened and why no one showed up or called to cancle my appointment and when placed on hold so they could bring up my info I would simply be rerouted to someone who knew nothing of the situation. Finally I get someone who is trying to help after 1 and a half hours of no help and she hung up on me. I call back to the supposed 24 hour help line and wait on hold for 2 and a half hours without anyone EVER picking up.

I call back the next day wait several hours longer for help and am told they don't know what happened and I will have to replace my order so I make a new order and am forced to wait another week and take another day off work to wait between 8 am 5 pm. Come 4 pm with another no show I called verizon again and again had the same problem and spent another several hours on the phone be rerouted and placed on hold and again had to replace my order and wait another week and *** another day of work to wait.

Again, no call no show. I was beyond irritated at this point and only because I started to get angry and rude with people did I finally get serviced installed and on the next day as well. I was told my first bill would be credited for my troubles and surprise surprise it wasn't. I also didn't get the free promotion cheap 19" TV and am hashing that out as well. THe actual product is fine but the service is completely AWFUL. Not worth the headache.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Tv Service.

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FCC, FTC, are a joke, all they do is send a confirmation of complaint receipt and tell the company not to do it again....then they do it again. Verizon does anything they please, I believe that that thousands of people are being ripped off by them.

They never answer your letters, they send an e-mail telling you that a \'specialist will contact you; and they never do, customer service tells you, \'just wait a couple of billing cycles, the credit will show up\' LOL. It\'s a shell game and we are the nuts.

The question is, what recourse do you have when a company does not satisfy a dispute. A thousand dollars for a lawyer for a 300 dollar bill.


The installer they sent for my FIOS was the worst!! The work was done when I was not at home so I could not supervise.

He ran a new cable line from a disconnected cable jack and it ran accross my carpet in the downstairs bedroom. The wireless router was also on the floor next to an outlet that was controlled by the light switch. The FIOS box'es power cord in the basement ran accross the electrical box because it was too short. He told my wife we could try to cut the rug and put the cable line in the cut to hide it.

He also said just to leave the light switch on in the bedroom from now on. Long story short I ripped everything out and did the proper job that night (I am in the trades). Everything runs in the basement, is out of site, and oh yea properly wired. I requested a new power cord that was long enough and one was delivered.

Most of theses installers have no idea what they are doing. Also do not let them have your computer to setup with the FIOS do it yourself they have to leave you the info. That was the one good thing we did.

Lord knows what would have been deleted. And yes, the customer service stinks!!

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