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Unfortunately I have Verizon Fios through my association and cannot change so I have to deal with the extremely poor to non existant customer service,,,funny but the bills always arrive on time,,,My power went out for 14 hrs 2 weeks ago and when I went to turn my tv on it wouldnt work,,,I called the remote in number and of course it still didnt work, so I called their tech support 800 #,,,She proceeds to have me diagnose what is wrong with my non-working box,,,My fingers are sore from unscrewing coaxil wires (I dont even know what a coaxil is) After spending an hour switching boxes and doing everything she told me including moving my 500 lb entertainment center to get at the wires, she hung up on me when she couldnt find the problem and I was losing my patience and trying to figure out WHY I had to self diagnose a product that I know absolutely nothing about,,,Is that even legal??Should I be made to be fooling around with electrical wires???? Long story short this is my second box in a year that gets fried when the power goes out which happens frequently in Florida,,,I called again and was told I could take the box to the Verizon Fios store and change it out for a new one and of course can figure out how to install it myself,,,waited in line for 15 minutes only to be told they take hi-def boxes back at the stores and not the standard boxes!!! When my patience returns I have to call them again,to have it delivered to me and install myself and then return the old one to a UPS store,,,so,,,,MY GAS....MY TIME,,,All they are is a voice over the phone,,,all I can say is someone is going to get hurt and Verizon will get sued ,,,they shouldnt be making the customer work on electronics that they know nothing about!!!!!

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Unbelievable! I just went through almost the same exact experience.

I still can not believe the horrible customer service I received each of the three times I had to call verizon about my issue.

Terrible! They need to get it together and train their reps to handle customers.

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