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Moved out of my residence in September 2010, requested return boxes for the equipment i had. Never received anything. Called a second and third time, never received boxes. Finally, was told to bring boxes to a UPS center to send them back. I did so and 3 months after, I get a bill from Verizon for $954!!!!!!!!!!! for unreturned equipement.

I have made dozens of calls to them at this point, provided the tracking number every single time, yet this still appears on my credit report. Initially my score dropped 100 points because of this!!!!!!!

At my wits end with this disgrace of a company!! I have never once complained anywhere about a company, but this is simply unacceptable and is literally damaging my life.

Monetary Loss: $954.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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Given how Verizon handled the transport of my telephone numbers to another carrier after I moved, this doesn't surprise me at all. I had to fight for two weeks to get them to obey the law and transport the numbers!

After that experience I decided that their "offer" to send me a box and shipping label for my set boxes and router was probably too good to be true and so I wised up and took the time to physically return my equipment to a Verizon Store that was authorized to receive the equipment and got an itemized receipt, including the Set Box Serial and Model Numbers and the router Serial Number.

I don't think you can trust these folks.


When I returned my router to UPS. They made sure that I save and photo my receipt because the said Verizon WILL say they did not get it and they will take you to collections over it.


Then guess what happened! Unethical piece of *** company.


I laugh at these complaints its called big business its wrong I know it. just keep praying for deregulation to happen for all telecoms ,wireless too. telcom employee tty




Disputing with credit bureaus hasn't worked for me so far, neither has talking to Verizon directly. They will lie in your face and tell u that u haven't called, and they will claim they are not in the wrong but won't even make an effort to research the return tracking nor look through their inventory.

The only way to make them do anything is by going thru the FTC, FCRA, and your local state attorney generals office. If anyone needs any help I can email u the complaints I have submitted to each so that we can collectively be heard and seek compensation for the hardship they have placed on us due to their lack of substandard business operations and dispute procedures.

They are in violation in many ways. If u need help u can reach me at chrispolite562@***.com


When I call "customer no-service" the announcement the computer announcement is garbled and sounds as if it is coming from a submarine. This from a company that brags about it's superior "fiber-optics" system.

What a joke! Frank


I was told to leave a router at the location I was moving from and I did, new tenants moved in and then they sent me a bill for the router. well why did you tell me to leave it behind then *** now they have sent it to collections for 98$ like really?

it's not even worth that it's over 4 years old. Pathetic company.


lol *** that's your fault they wouldn't just tell you to leave the router, anyone with 1/2 a brain would know to get it sent back to them and get proof of receipt. easiest/best thing to have done would be to bring it into a verizon store that accepts equipment returns and get a RECEIPT for it.

i've done it quite a few times and NEVER had ONE issue with them except one time they said i still had one of their older fios boxes when i upgraded to HD boxes. i provided the receipt info and it was cleared up THAT day.


The router, DVR's and set top boxes belong to Verizon and they want them back.

The other stuff you can keep and "recycle" yourself.

You're best off returning the equipment directly to Verizon and getting a receipt with the serial numbers of the returned materials.


They cant find my package either. I have my customer reference #, but they don't give you a duplicate of the tracking # on the receipt just a customer reference #and order # and now they cant find it and are starting to call me.

Each and every step of the road with this company is a nightmare of bad customer service and the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing!


I am having a similar situation with Verizon and I am pissed off! Verizon is reporting false information on my credit report, numberous times.

$1200+ and I do not owe them anything. They keep passing it around to numerous debt collectors, and now they have added more accounts that I supposedly owe.


Same issue!! Nightmare began 2010!

Has anyone had any luck rectifying this situation? Any class Action Suits?


my cousin is having the same problem how are they getting away with this?I think if I was a customer I would contact the local news about this


I am facing the same problem.

Not sure what to do with the collection agency.

MRS Associates

1930 Olney Ave

Cheery Hill, NJ 08003

This collection agency is part of the Verizon.


I am going through the same thing. Returned extra settop box when roomie moved out two years ago, now they tell me they never received it despite the fact they stopped billing me for it a week after I sent it back in their box.

Just got a letter from debt collector saying I owe $275 even though I spoke with Verizon about 6 different times and the last time they assured me my account had been cleared. I am livid.

Not only has this Ben a huge hassle in regards to hours on the phone and really rude inept customer service reps, but I have always been so careful about my credit score and now this happens! This has got to be illegal!!


I am having the same problem. But mine is even worse.

We returned our equipment on 2/13/2013 and have a receipt for the transaction. They are charging us over $700.00 for the equipment. They are now calling our son and demanding that he pay. This is not even his bill and somehow they got his social SS# and are telling him they are putting a charge off on his credit if he does not pay.

Our son was 10 years old when we started with Verizon and this equipment is or was definitely not put in his name. How dare this company now start attacking their patrons children to collect a bill!


I have been with Verizon Fios almost 3 years, there has NOT been a single moth I have not had a billing dispute. These people are common THIEVES, always over bill their clients.

Every time you change your service or transfer your address, they send you new equipment and they ask you to return the old ones back. I went through this 3 times, and in all occasions they claimed they did NOT receive my old equipment, in all occasions I was lucky enough to have my UPS receipt, so they waived, but I know in all occasion they had 1 thing in mind, to scam me.....


I cancelled my service with Verizon and I still have the router. I cant seem to find where to send the box.

I dont want to get charged for it.

Went to a wireless store and they said that I have to go to a landline store. Please answer


Same issue they claim to not have received the cable card and have charged me for it. The cable card was in the box with the set top box and they acknowledge receiving the set top box.

I was also in MD.


This is very interesting.I have had a contract with VERIZON for about (8)Year's now.I reside in TEXAS and I have returned several product's to VERIZON and Each product that i returned was recieved within the allowed time frame.Number (1)VERIZON PRODUCT has to be returned in their return boxes along with the return LABEL ON THE OUTSIDE OF THEIR RETURN BOXES.(2)The product that is being returned has to be DROPPED OFF IN THE DROP BOX which is mostly located in the front of the entrance door to the USPS.(3)I have never had to pay to return any product to VERIZON.(4)The USPS WILL RETURN THE PRODUCT but why?Would anyone pay to have the product returned when you can do this FREE OF CHARGE.When you return VERIZON PRODUCT the USPS and ALSO the UPS CAN and WILL LOSE PRODUCT that is suppose to be RETURNED.Now you OWE these charge's all because you did not follow INSTRUCTION'S.You say you did not recieve the return boxe's right.So what type of RETURN BOXES DID YOU USE TO RETURN THE PRODUCT.And also what ADDRESS did you return the product to.This post does not RING TRUE.Pay the people and Move on.Next time i bet you will use the "FEDEX DROP BOX"Like you are suppose to.Believe me "FEDEX"Pick's up EVERY HOUR FOR RETURN'S TO VERIZON.

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