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I switched my Comcast triple play to Verizon Fios when it came to my area. I have a second phone line for my mother who lives with us. When I had Comcast, I had digital voice and the second line was a minimal charge and we never had problems.

The problems arrived as soon as our installation. Although I told our sales rep that we had 2 phone lines, that was never communicated to the sales office so when our Fios was installed, the second line was not. I took two additional weeks to get the second line switched. We had to keep the Comcast line until the second line could be installed and apparently Verizon does not have digital voice in our area.

Needless to say, we have 2 bills now, one for our Fios Triple play which includes our phone and a separate one for Mom which is at regular phone service rates of $70. I have tried ever since January to get the two accounts combined but have spoken with at least six customer service reps and each one says they will take care of the problem but my two accounts still have not been merged.

I have had my problem escalated and it still is not fixed. I am so sorry I left Comcast, who had excellent customer service 24 hours a day, for the sorry excuse for customer service that Verizon provides.

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