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When I came home from work the otherday I noticed many pine tree branches in the back of my yard against and inside of my 6 foot privacy fence and knew I didn't put them there. I went out to see what had happened and most of the entire side of my nearly 50 foot pine was removed, including part of the trunk.

I had no part of my tree near any power lines and was unclear why something like this happened. I thought maybe the electric company did it, I called and they had no one in my area. I had no letter or notification. so I asked my elderly neighbor, who is home all day, and she said a Verizon FIOS truck was there.

I ran out back to begin taking pictures of what a horrible job they did, so that I had proof of the disaster. I did notice 1 linb on another tree cust.I did call them to report the butcher and to make a formal complaint and maybe have someone come back out to pick up all of the branches and trunk. I was transfered 4 times with no success of speaking with someone that could even tell me how to get to the correct department, so I hung up. The kicker is no one in my neighborhood I spoke with even gets Verizon or Fios.

Well, I did try calling back to speak with anyone English speaking in customer service a little later when my blood pressure went down.

Needless to say, I was put on hold and after a little over an hour,I hung up. I will be sending my pictures along with a letter of disgust.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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