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These are the sequence of events:

- Got a business class FIOS internet for my business 7 months ago

- Still cannot register online to pay my bills - cannot find account number

- Cannot call anyone to pay my bills - cannot find a right rep to find my account - I keep getting transferred

- Cannot pay thru the automated billing service - the account number on the bill is incorrect

- My business credit is now affected

- I took the business class to build my business credit

- I will am ready to take this to the court

Any advice is appreciated

Thanks & Regards,

Saugata Banerjee

Medullus Systems

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

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I have spent over 6 1/2 hours on the phone, most of that time on hold since last Monday January 16th trying to rectify a billing error on the part of Verizon. I was pleasant, patient and kind. I keep receiving emails reminding us to pay our bill and then threaten shut off if we don't. We have been told by 6 of the 7 reps we spoke to since January 16th that there has been a billing glitch on the part of Verizon and that our payment is there but has still not been properly posted. We have been told by six of those reps to wait a few hours and it will be fixed.

We have been told two of those 6x that a supervisor will call back and they never did. We were told six of those 6x times that a supervisor is sitting right there but either too busy to get on phone or is looking into this issue.

We were told by the 7th and last rep last night that all of the other 6 representatives did not tell me that there was a billing glitch (the audacity of that person is outrageous). There was an 8th call by my husband last night around 8 pm est, and that rep hung up on him when he said "hello". All 7 reps say they see our $307.46 payment on 1/4/2012 however for god knows what reason, we still receive late notices in email and we still cannot purchase any movies. We called Chase Manhattan Bank last night and within 3 minutes had a chase bank supervisor, actually a supervisor over that supervisor got on the phone in approx 5 minutes, I know that may sound unheard of in your company, but thank God there are businesses in the world that actually do have customer service. Chase Bank has their hands tied. They cannot even stop this pymnt of $307.46 on 1/3/2012 (posted by verizon on 1/4/2012) Why? Because they cannot stop a payment that your company already took!!! All of your reps kept turning this on us, the rudeness was unbelievable. The holding time on a phone was outrageous. The lack of supervisors to want to rectify this, help us and also see this complaint thru has been disgusting.

Out of the 6 1/2 hours of phone time with verizon, I spent over 3 hours on the phone just yesterday, basically telling me nothing to convince me that Verizon cares about correcting their own mistakes. Still getting late notice emails, still cannot rent a movie. Still have it in my head the words coming out of 7 of your reps "this is a billing glitch with Verizon and they are working on fixing it" - We are done, done and done.

You took our payment and per Chase Manhattan Bank whom by the way offered to get on the phone with a Verizon supervisor, (I guess he thought he could actually get that to happen), to explain how billing works... once you take someones money you cannot tell them anymore that they owe you the money.

You took 2 very calm people that work more than 60+ hours a week a piece, aside from having children to come home to a be a part of their lives -2 people that put their own time aside to rectify an error not on their part but Verizon- 2 people that remained calm and patient thru each effort to call Verizon and sit on hold for extended periods of time (one of those times over 1 1/2 hrs on hold, I can and will submit my AT&t cell phone bills and our Verizon home bill to show you and every blog we can find), 2 people that just wanted this fixed, 2 people that always pay their bills.... you have literally broke us down.

Let us know where to toss the boxes, we are calling back CableVision and miss good Customer Service.

I don't know why I am giving you are contact information below, normally you do when you believe someone will get back to you, obviously this will not happen. I guess the only reason why I just wrote all this was to vent and to copy and paste to every blog I can possibly find on every minute I have time to do that today.

Anthony and Lisa


The phone number you gave them will get you your account number. Any phone number you have from them as well.

Just keep pressing 0 until you get someone. And if your on autopay they won't send a bill. You can request the bill every month. It took me 2 hours to set up my online account.

My bill is never the same amount. It goes up by $5-$20 every month for no reason.

I am sick of it. No one knows anything about accounts, they just keep tranfering people to someone else who tranfers you again.


Switched to Verizon from Comcast in April to save $. They gave us "free" movie channel which I told the woman "I dont watch movies and I dont want to have to call to get it removed when it is no longer free". She said, I can set it so it will automatically come off the bill. Get what, I had to call to get it removed! Also the deal I go was for a specific rate for 2 years, guess what after 6 months the price went up and I had to call. The nice lady adjusted the bill and told me "if this falls off you bill in 6 mo just call back and we will fix it". Lovely, I get to call there again in a few months :P As part of the fix she gave us free movie channels (again I dont want or need or use). I watched the bill to call at the "right time" so aas not to get billed when the FREE converted to paid. This was 6 days ahead of the deadline. Again ok I'll set it so it cancels on the day so you wont get billed. Guess what! Only part of the credit was applied. So again, I have to call. After going thru the IVR prompts I press 0 and get a person. This person tells me call back in the after noon because the systems are down for a planned upgrade.

Seriously, she was not kidding me. I'm looking at switching to comcast OR going back to an antenna and using webTV.

I think I'll call Ivan Siedenburgs office and complain.

Anyone know the phonenumber for Ivan Seidenb



2 hours and 30 minutes. 0ne hour last night 1.5 hrs today.

I was given 10 different numbers and 12 call transfers with some of them being hang ups. I will Cancell all my Verizon services!!!


verizon bill was wrong every month a different amount-got sick of it and switched to cablevision.They owed me a balance of $48.33 after i sent equipment back.They mailed me a check for that amount,then they sent me to collection to allied collections!Now I got them harrassing me everyday after I mailed them the copies of the final bill and cancelled check stub.I'm really mad I have excellent credit-but I'm ready to start some letters,I can't stand feeling helpless against a big beuracacy


I have advice. Contact the BBB and complain. I got FIOS installed 2 1/2 years ago. I cancelled within 30 days because customer service was a NIGHTMARE. I do believe that the infrastructure was not there to handle the booming business they were experiencing signing on so many new customers. Flash forward to last month when I had it installed again, and the very day it's installed I have to call Customer Svce again 3 times. The left hand does not know what the right is doing.

Rather than deal with what I dealt with in the past, I contacted the BBB and complained. Not to be a ***, but because if you're going to be receiving roughly $2500 a year in business from me, I want my account accurate.

Sure enough, someone from NYC called me back and that person worked with me for my first bill.

I think Verizon is better than what else is offered for TV, internet and phone, but their customer svce is really terrible.

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