I had been a Verizon customer for approximately ten years. I installed Verizon Fios triple play as soon as it was available in my development.

I also had Verizon Wireless. I had virtually every premium channel and was on auto-pay. Everything was fine until I ran into technical issues with my Fios service. I was no longer receiving high definition TV.

The Verizon tech agent was unable to fix the problem remotely and suggested that it may have been a weak signal entering my home. This was later found to be true, because the Comcast xfinity tech said that I had a weak signal going into my house and he had to run a line from a box further down the street. Verizon set up a visit for a tech. After the appointment was made, my wife and I received multiple robo calls asking if we wanted to cancel the visit.

We did not request to cancel the appointment. We still had no high definition TV. Verizon never showed up and never called. When I inquired, I was told that we (the customer) had cancelled the appointment.

Another appointment was made and the Verizon rep suggested sending two new boxes just in case the signal was not the issue. While my wife and I were out, we received a call from a Verizon tech at our door. We told him that this was not the day the appointment was made and the boxes had not even arrived by UPS. The appointment was made after the customer service rep believed the boxes would arrive.

The day of the actual appointment, no one arrived and no one called. When I inquired I was told that I was not home when the tech arrived. I informed Verizon that it was because he did not arrive on the day of the appointment. Verizon schedule a 12-hour window (8AM to 8PM) for the next arrival of the tech.

I was texted that my issue would be repaired by 9PM that night. No one showed up and no one called. My next appointment was a three hour window (11AM to 2PM). When no one arrived at 2PM, I called and was assured that the tech was finishing up on a previous job and will be coming to my home.

At 4:30PM I called and was told that the tech would call me within 5 minutes. He was on his way. And the customer service rep told me that she would call at 6PM to insure he arrived. No one called (including the customer service rep) and no one came to the house.

This was on a Friday and I suggested to my wife that the tech was probably home having a beer at 4:30PM. In fact, he probably was “just finishing up” leaving his last job on his way home at 2PM. My next call was to Comcast. They installed their xfinity platform and it works great.

They gave me a two hour window and promised that my bill would be credited $20 if they failed the appointment. Verizon also charged me $150 for early termination of my contract, even though they were essentially charging me for services not received (no hi-def). Comcast had gotten a bad rep for their customer support, but they have made progress to address this. In my opinion they are now head and shoulder above Fios.

I was so angry with Verizon that I also switched my wireless account to Sprint. Verizon loves to say they are "elevating" your issue, the implication being that it will be handled at a higher level. My issues were "elevated" at least a half dozen times with no resolution. My belief is that this is just to placate the customer with no intention by Verizon of doing anything.

I also cancelled my wireless and was hit by a final bill of over $900. This was early termination fees for two phones and two tablets. To my ignorance, I thought that early termination fee applied only to terminating from Verizon wireless, period, not for every line. They also charged me for continuing services in a "suspended" status on two tablets when I clearly informed them that I was terminating all services.

Bottom line is that there customer services is the worst I've come across in my entire life (and I'm 68 years old). Their product works fine as long as the customer does not need help. I cannot say enough about Comcast xfinity. It's head and shoulder above Verizon Fios.

Standard Comcast is much like Fios, but the xfinity platform is excellent. I also found that Comcast keeps their appointment, promises to credit you account $20 for missed appointment, and they follow up with your issue. Verizon tells you that they will follow up but they don't. I now have Sprint for wireless and am in their iPhone for life program.

For $1 per month for each phone, you upgrade your iPhone when a newer version comes out. You do not buy your phone, but essentially lease it. Sprint also enables phone calls through wireless so if you are in a bad cell phone area, or in a building with poor reception, you can sign in to the local wireless service and have land-line type phone calls. And with xfinity, I can sign in to xfinity hot spots when I'm on the road.

Bottom line, be very careful before you sign on to Fios or Verizon Wireless. Don't believe their hype.

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