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I signed up for verizon Fios over the phone for their TV, phone and internet package because their service is supposed to be avaliable where I live as advertised by them and my new apartment complex. I had a promised install date of January 28th 2014.

I called a few weeks in advance of my arrival to set it all up. They ran my credit and we were all set for install. On Sunday January 26th 2014 a gentleman from Verizon Fios called me to tell me that Verizon had cancelled my install because they not have the right equipment to install in my apartment nor would they have the needed equipment for over 30 days so they just cancelled the install and forgot to call me. Here is the funny thing on Saturday January 25th 2014 verizon Fios had a team of people here signing people up in person with their installs scheduled for this week even offering a free tv.

So it makes me wonder why I got cancelled the gentleman that called me didn't have the answer either. When I asked how they planned on doing something about the credit check they did on me I get the ever so popular call this department guess what you call them they tell you to call another department etc... In case anyone is interested where this took place it is The Villages of Stoney Run in Newport News, VA 23608. Bottom line don't believe anything Verizon Fios promises.

When I asked Verizon Fios if I wait the 30 days can I still get the same great rate that they had promised I was told no that is for new customers only. So you are counted as a old costumer if they cancel your plan even when you haven't had any services ever rendered by the company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Bundle.

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