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hi i am writing a complain after being very tired from verizon service i got my service in september the time i was getting my service they told me my estimated montly charge is gonna be hundred and twenty three dollars i was ok with paying that but then when i got my first bill it was showing me 171 so i called billing department and the first time the person i spoke to had attitude and was telling me i am getting charged for partial days forty three dollars and then internet activation fee so i told her why would you guys not tell me about the activation fee earlier because thats like deceiving your coustomers and she said oh i cant help you have to pay this amount so i called next day to turn off my service because i couldnt afford to pay hundred and seventy one dollars every month for three months i obviously had a budget thats why i got verizon at first place but again the lady i spoke to she was rude aswell and kept on asking me why i want to cancel my service when i told her thousand times i cant pay the activation fee So next day one of the manager called me and wanted me explain to him why i cancelled my service so i explained him the same issue He told to write him an email which i did and never got reply for it But still i had no other chocie i tried contacing verizon again and the person this time i spoke to was nice but who knew what he was upto he told me if i get my service back on he will credit me the fiifty nine dollars activation fee and give me all the movie channels for fifty percent off for the first six months so i beleived him and next day got my service back on but untill i received my first estimated bill which was hundred and eighty one dollars this time it made me wanna just pull my hair off i see no changes on my bill actiavtion fee was still thier and a day before my internet had stopped working so i called in and the technician told me someone swtiched off my internet which he didnt know why and i thought the same thing maybe just a mistake but the on oct twelve i was watching my starz and cinemax and by the evening time i see on the screen it was saying press ok to subscribe so i had to call in again and this time i was talking to a person who knew no english and it took me about half an hour to make him get my correct telephone number and then he told me i never had starz and any other movie channel included in my package i was just so mad becuase obviously it doesnt make sense for the past ten days i was getting all the movie channels and now they turn it off all of the sudden and saying i never had it added to my package So again to get it finally over it and having enough of verizon worst coustomer service ever i tried to get in contact with the manager or the supervisor but the representative would not give them the phone and just try to solve the the issuse without doing anything and making me pay for everything which i was told i am gettin at low price i seriously never had such a bad experience with any cable compaines thier are plenties out thier but verizon needs to stops making their coustomers feel like they are lying to them i would like to get contacted by a regional manager of new jersey so i can explain him what has verizon done to me I am hoping if i get contacted early i wont have to claim a lawsuit against verizon and i have two people id and name who i spoke to who said they will fix the problem but never did i tried getting in contact with them aswell but obviously no one wanted to transfer me to them again Hopefully someone will contact me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Seems Verizon FiOS only keeps rude folks in customer service. :/

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