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Well, after a year of calling and being dumped from representative to representative, I have finally resolved my fios case.

I had fios when I lived in Pennsylvania and when I moved to WV, they said they'd send me a box with a return label to return the equipment. It never showed up, so I called and spoke to someone who said they'd have one sent to my new address. Never happened.

I called again, they said take it to the nearest UPS, I did, but they didn't have a contract with verizon. I called back. They said go back and try again, may be the person working at the time didn't know about the contract. I did, and they had no such contract for sending it back. I called again, and again, and again, and again. I talked and got dumped so many times, I probably spent a good 30 hours calling over and over again.

I started getting a collections bill for $400.00. I couldn't take it any more so I called UPS in Pennsylvania! Ah ha! They have a contract with them there but not in WV. Why couldn't anyone tell me this? So finally I drive an hour to PA and have it shipped back.

I continued getting calls from the collection agency. I kept telling them, I sent it back 6 months ago!! At each call, they'd say, you're gonna have to call them and have it taken care of. Each time I would call, I'd get dumped and misinformed. No one could find my equipment that I sent back 6 months ago!!!

All this time, my credit score is plummeting! I went from an 800 score down to 680!!!! Finally, today, I found one person who promised not to drop me and resolve the issue and he did!!! I will never use them or recommend them again! They had the worst customer care service I've ever seen!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $422.

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