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I was nickeled and dimed to death by Verizon "Ethicless"...I had to carefully scrutinize my bill--late fees (3 days over)...megabyte charges (disabled)...I too would be willing to sign my name to a class action suit. The customer support people were rude when challenged to "think out of the box." They were trained to recite, not to think.

I have excellent credit rating, never been charged a late fee, and always pay my bills.

If late, most companies send you a note say "hey, I know that life can be busy, just a friendly reminder!!" Verizon is making millions on their unethical practices. Beware!

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So you're saying that they didn't 'think outside the box' because they told you your late bill was late?

I'm a little surprised about no warnings; I've always gotten a text from them if I forget a payment.

That might have been a system glitch.

On the other hand, you didn't pay your bill, so maybe YOU should 'think outside the box' on this one, and instead of expecting their system to magically let you stay up a few days extra every month, you should just pay for the service you're using.


They surely give you a grace period, as well.


3 days late is still LATE! Pay your bill on late fees.

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